What to Pack for Iceland

Iceland is one place that is on the bucket list for a lot of people to visit. If you are planning on visiting Iceland, you may be wondering what to pack for Iceland. We have put together a general list of what to pack for Iceland, especially during the winter. 

What to Pack for Iceland in 5 Items

Windproof Gloves

It is not news that the wind in Iceland is crazy, and can leave you extremely cold. This is one reason that you need a pair of warm, windproof gloves.

It won’t be a bad idea if you had water-resistant gives too. It is not a necessity, except if you want to get involved in snow-related activities while you are in Iceland.

If you want to take hikes, you should consider having it too. We recommend Sealskinz gloves, which are 100% windproof and 100% waterproof.

Wind and Waterproof Jacket

To ensure that you are protected from harsh weather, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to wear a windproof and waterproof jacket in Iceland. Getting a lighter “shell” jacket will ensure that you are protected from both water and wind. You could also go for a heavier jacket, which will give you the needed warmth while protecting you from water and wind.

Waterproof Shoes or Boots

If you are asking yourself what to pack for Iceland, this is something that you should consider packing. It doesn’t matter whether you intend to hike or not, you need waterproof boots or waterproof walking shoes. The truth is that most of your time in Iceland will be spent walking on snow and ice. For this, you need the right shoes or boots to stand the test of time.

Windproof Hat

If you are playing to have a fun stay in Iceland, you need a windproof hat. This type of hat will ensure that you are both warm and protected from the elements. Your ears and head will be shielded against the excessive cold. You can go for a number of hats based on what your mood is in a fun variety of hues and styles.

When you are thinking of what hat to buy, you should consider buying one that is windproof, waterproof, and offers you a warming effect.


Would this list be complete if we didn’t add a scarf to it? Scarves can be used in ensuring that your neck is warm while you step out to the cold.

If you are a fan of nice things, you can consider going for cashmere scarves. Who says that both genders can’t rock cute looking scarves? There are so many options, so all you need to do is choose what scarf you like best. You could even pick a warm shawl or scarf up when you’re already in Iceland!

What other pieces of clothing do you think are perfect for the winter when traveling to Iceland?

Where to Stay in Iceland

Iceland sees a lot of visitors annually because of its intriguing features. You can stay in a charming bed and breakfast in Iceland and even visit the Whales Museum. Iceland is an amazing place to visit, and if you’re thinking of coming to Iceland but wondering where to stay in Iceland, we have some accommodations that you could try out in Reykjavík and Keflavík.

Where to Stay in Iceland: Reykjavík and Keflavík

Reykjavík is the capital city of Iceland, and as the capital city, it is one place that a lot of visitors like to visit. If you are wondering where to stay in Iceland’s capital city, you are in luck.

This capital city is known to have a lot of accommodations. It doesn’t matter if you want a top resort or even a cheap hotel, you will find a place to suit your needs and budget. 

Luxurious Hotels

If you are looking for a luxurious hotel, you should consider trying out Hotel Borg. This hotel comes with gorgeous buildings and has 99 deluxe rooms created in the Art Deco style.

You could also try out the Icelandair Hotel Marina. It can be seen from the harbor. If you are looking for luxury, it won’t be a bad idea to lodge there. You will enjoy the class and upscale accommodations.

If you want modern design and the best restaurants, you should consider choosing from Centerhotels. They have a range of four-star hotels that will take care of you.

Want a hotel that can give you deluxe rooms, as well as suites, and top-notch services? Try out the Fosshótel chains. They are spread throughout Iceland.

In addition, there are other lush hotels that you can try out like Radisson Blu Saga Hotel and Hilton Reykjavík Nordica. The hotels have great views of the city. If you are looking for where to dine in luxury, it won’t be a bad idea to try out Grillið.

Budget Guesthouses and Hostels

We understand that not everyone can travel in luxury, and many people may want to explore Iceland on a budget. We have listed out some budget guesthouses and hostels that you can lodge in. There are many of them around the country.

You can get to Kex, B47, and 101 Hostels, which are merely a few minutes away from Laugavegur Main Street. 

If you want alternatives that are far cheaper than this, you should consider getting guest houses that are far away from the center of things, like Bus Hostel Reykjavík and HI Reykjavík City Hostel.

These hostels can be accessed easily from downtown and would not dig a deep hole in your pocket. 

You can enjoy Iceland on a budget. You can visit cool places without leaving yourself in debt. One thing that we love about Iceland is that it caters to people of different walks of life and budgets. Happy travels!