What is the Elephant Stone in Iceland?

There is a great chance that you may have heard about Elephant Stone, Iceland. The Elephant Rock is known to be in the Westman Islands’ Archipelago. It is a string of natural rocks that are located in Iceland and visited a lot of visitors regularly. 

Have you been to the Westman Islands? There is a great chance that you will notice that it is a league of 15 islands, as well as that reefs. These features came about because of volcanic activity that occurred under the water.

These islands are over 13 square kilometers. Out of all these islands, only one of them is inhabited by humans, and it is the Heimaey. It is said that Elephant Stone, Iceland came into existence because of a number of volcanic eruptions. This is one reason that there are a lot of rock formations in these islands. Keep reading to learn more.

What is the Elephant Stone, Iceland?

When you see the Elephant Stone, Iceland, there is a great chance that you will be amazed. It reminds us of a large elephant’s head. Can we say it is nature’s way of playing with us? It seems like its trunk is underneath the water, trying to take a sip of the ocean. This rock formation is made from basalt totally, which has forced the creature to seem to be suffering from wrinkles. 

If you are thinking of flying to Iceland and you do not touch down at the Elephant Rock, it will be disappointing. You should consider taking a tour of the islands and the rock formations that they have on them. There is a great chance that if you are coming to Iceland to have fun, you will have access to numerous cheap flights that you should consider embracing. These flights are affordable, meaning that you do not have to use budget constraints as a reason not to see Elephant Rock, as well as other rock formations in the different Islands.

Over the years, the number of those who have come to Iceland seems to have increased from 200,000 visitors in 1996 to more than 400,000 visitors in 2010. The changes occurred because of the numerous volcanic eruptions and the awesome rock formations that had been created in the process. Would it be wrong if we said that the Eyjafjallajökull volcano helped to improve the tourism sector of this country?

How It Came About

It is believed that this rock formation came into existence when some eruptions occurred in Mt. Eldfell. The eruptions that occurred in 1973 forced Heimaey to send its inhabitants out of the region. The aftermath was not as bad as expected, because the fishermen ended up showering cold seawater on the flaming lava. Only a part of the town was devastated. Now, 4,000 indigenes live in this place.

If you are looking for a perfect place to go to in Iceland, you should consider going to this place. You’ll be glad that you did!

Where to See Dogsledding in Iceland

Iceland is one place that is on the bucket list of over half of the world’s population. Have you tried dogsledding in Iceland? There is a great chance that you wanted to do it over and over again. Including dogsledding in Iceland, there are many things and places that can be seen. 

See a Sheepdog and More

You can visit the Elephant Rock that was created by the residue of a volcano in the past. It won’t be a bad idea to see animals that are part of the Icelandic wildlife like the Arctic fox, puffin, horses, and so on. 

You can also see the Icelandic sheepdog, a rare species that is one breed that came to live in this place during the time that Vikings started to live there in 870 AD. This species has been around for a long time and is part of the history of this country. It has great importance to the agricultural development of this nation.

Not minding all its qualities, this sheepdog does not have the popularity it deserves. This may have occurred because other nations have their own sheepdog.

A lot of dog lovers are of the opinion that a breed of the sheepdog is a brand new one, an animal that offers people the incredible joy that they could ever wish for.

For someone that loves dogsledding in Iceland, you will come across this breed of a sheepdog. This breed has gone on to mesmerize everyone, both inhabitants of this country and visitors too. They are known to look more like wolves than ordinary dogs.

A Booming Industry

It is no news that dogsledding is a booming industry in Iceland. It is not surprising, because Iceland has a lot of Arctic landscapes and can offer someone the needed Arctic experience that he or she craves for.

This breed of the sheepdog is domesticated to a large extent, and who wouldn’t fancy this orange and innocuous coat. It could also be because they look like the Welsh Corgi.

We love dogs and want to have fun with them. It won’t be a bad idea to get them healthy dog supplements like Wondercide and Pet Wellbeing.

There are a number of places that many people see as the right places to go dog sledding but some do not feel that Iceland is one of them.

Some may feel that this country doesn’t have any great history of dogsledding. Some may feel that the terrains of this country may not give one what he or she needs to a large extent when dogsledding is concerned. This is not true to a large extent. There are a lot of white plains in existence like the Eyjafjallajökull glacier. You can even take a dogsledding tour in Iceland!

What do you think of dogsledding in Iceland now?

How to Find Cheap Flights to Iceland

If you are thinking of flying to Iceland, you should consider taking a tour of the islands and the rock formations that they have on them. There is a great chance that if you are coming to Iceland to have fun, you will have access to numerous cheap flights that you should consider embracing. These flights are affordable, meaning that you do not have to use budget constraints as a reason not to see awesome tour attractions, as well as other rock formations in the different islands.

Over the years, the number of those who have come to Iceland seems to have increased from 200,000 visitors in 1996 to more than 400,000 visitors in 2010. The changes occurred because of the numerous volcanic eruptions and the awesome rock formations that had been created in the process.

Would we be wrong if we said that the volcanoes may have helped to improve the tourism sector of this country? The volcanoes may have destroyed some parts, but their aftermath seems to be positive when tourism is concerned.

How Do You Find Cheap Flights to Iceland?

If you have decided that to find out how to find cheap flights to Iceland, you should consider making use of a comparison website. When you visit these websites, it is easy to know how to find cheap flights to Iceland.

Do you know that there are different flight comparison sites that you can view online? Before you settle on any option, should you consider searching for the best deals? We advise people to always search for how to find cheap flights to Iceland on different websites by analyzing different airline flight schedules.

Do you know there are about 25 airlines that can get you to Iceland? You should consider analyzing their routes and so on. 

A comparison website that you can check out is Skyscanner. You can view this website, Skyscanner in various languages. It is said that millions of people visit the website.

You should also consider following DoHop. This is an Icelandic flight comparison website that was created in the year 2004.

This website makes use of algorithms to ensure that the perfect deals are discovered. If you are looking for direct flights, you may not find them here. One thing you will find is an affordable deal.

If you fall under young travelers that want to see Iceland, you should consider using this website. Who says you can’t visit Iceland without spending a lot?

You should also try out another flight comparison site, FareCompare. This was created in the year 2004. If you want a satisfying experience, we advise you to try them out. They are known to offer pages that are filled with relevant information on where you want to go.

Ready to visit? Here are some tips on what to pack for Iceland and where to stay in Iceland. Bon voyage!

Best Iceland Tours Winter 2020

If you are thinking of the best Iceland tours winter has to try out, we have created a list that will help you.

Most people erroneously think that before they can have access to the best Iceland tours winter has to offer that they have to cough up a lot of money. They also feel that if they do not have a lot of money that they will have an incredibly boring experience, but this is far from the truth.

If you get a guide to lead you through the best Iceland tours winter, there is a great chance that you will have access to insane fun. 

We have put together great places to visit, whether you have a lot of money to spend in Iceland or you are traveling with a budget in mind. Keep reading to learn more!

4 Best Iceland Tours Winter

Northern Lights Tour

There is a great chance that if you take a walk to see the Northern Lights, you won’t want to leave there. You may come across some tour buses that go to the Northern Lights and Iceland from Reykjavik. The tour is usually done at night so that you can stare at the lights. It is quite affordable to have access to this. You can use a full-size bus with other tourists, or you can consider going for a more private experience. Both are affordable.

If you want to have fun, you should consider bringing a good windproof jacket alone. Be ready to stare at the lights and take cute pictures.

Icelandic Horse Riding Tour

If you have stared at Icelandic horses, there is a great chance that you felt they were cute. Who wouldn’t? Can we say that they are the most gorgeous creatures in existence? If we said that, we wouldn’t be wrong. 

If you have an intention of basking in an Iceland road trip, you will have the chance to see and take pictures of them.

You can also ride them if you want. You can do that for a fee at the lava field.

If you have always wanted to feel like you are currently one of the characters in the “Game Of Thrones,” riding horses, you can do this here.

Hop on, Hop off Tour of Reykjavik

If you step into Reykjavik, there is a great chance that you will want to learn a lot concerning this place. There are a lot of fun places that can be seen in this town. All you need to do is to join the hop on, hop off bus tour.

If you have always wanted to learn more about the Scandinavian culture, you can do this by joining a bus tour in Reykjavik. There is a great chance that you will love the Reykjavik waterfront. If you want to take a tour of this town, ensure that you are putting on a pair of cold-proof shoes. The ground is known to be frozen, and this won’t be great for your feet without the cold-proof shoes.

Silfra Fissure Snorkeling Tour

Have you ever felt that it would make sense to swim in Arctic waters? You can do that in Iceland. There are a lot of videos of those that had swum round the tectonic plates. To achieve this, you should consider joining the Silfra Fissure Snorkeling Tour. You will have intense fun in the process. 

Best Coffee Bean Drinks and a Mini Guide to Icelandic Coffee Culture

Are you looking for the best coffee in Reykjavik? When it comes to Icelandic coffee culture, the best coffee bean drinks are all up to your own personal preferences – from steaming hot espressos to cold-brewed classics. Grounded in Nordic traditions, Icelandic coffee culture prides itself on fresh coffee beans ground to perfection and served with unmatched hospitality.

Coffee, as loved and adored, can have so many flavors and preferences especially when it comes down to the point of buying the beverage. Let’s take a look at the best coffee bean drinks that Iceland has to offer to you.

Best Coffee Bean Drinks in Iceland

Matcha Latte

Have a go with a matcha latte, specially prepared for health-minded coffee enthusiasts. The matcha latte is a lightly sweetened beverage with a mix of silky coffee powder and ceremonial grade matcha, finished with milk perfect for trendsetter and Icelandic traveler.

Caramel Coconut Latte

This drink has a nice blend and mix of flavor as it utilizes the caramel and coconut flavor perfectly to form one great union. Every sip leaves you wanting more earthy coconut flavor. It is best served in a hot and creamy form that warms up the cold Icelandic weather.

The Classic Flat White Coffee

This classy drink isn’t just some old boring day-to-day coffee but a sophisticated and sleek drink with the taste to change your mind from drinking your everyday cup of sweet milk. It’s a mix of both flavor and elegance as this coffee utilizes that beautiful layer of foam on top it that makes it go from a regular looking coffee to looking more like an espresso with more milk in it.

Midnight Mocha Cold-Brewed Coffee

This is an excellent choice if you’re looking at getting an ice-cold coffee with a chocolate flavor. As one of the best coffee bean drinks, it exceeds well in the aspect of any chocolate coffee, transcending into a perfectly brewed batch. The mocha cold-brewed coffee has a balanced mix of flavors from the perfectly made coffee and the rich chocolate. With an appealing look, the midnight mocha tastes like a nice chocolate bar or a cup of espresso with a foam topping.

With great choices of coffee to choose from, it’s no wonder coffee is consumed at a very high rate by many Icelanders and tourists. With so many cafes, pubs, and restaurants, you can find fresh Icelandic coffee within a 700-meter radius on just about any street. 

Most Icelandic coffee is made from Italian techniques and served as a latte, espresso, macchiato, and cappuccino styles. With so many coffee vending centers, it has become a very competitive market. That’s why you’ll find some of the best coffee in Iceland!

And when it comes to making your own daily cup of coffee, try natural sweetening options instead of sugar to reduce your calories without sacrificing great taste! We recommend bringing stevia packets or liquid drops with you while traveling to Iceland from natural health brands such as Stevita and NOW Foods. Happy traveling, and enjoy your coffee! 

How to Get an International Driving Permit in Iceland

If you are traveling and need an international driving permit, Iceland offers some ways for foreign visitors to get one and drive a rental car across the country to sightsee.

An international driving permit in Iceland is also known as IDP. It allows those who own vehicles to move around comfortably in foreign nations. While in your vehicle abroad, or in a rental car, it is best you always have your international driving permit with you at all times, as well as your original driver’s license as well.

There are steps that you need to take before you will be able to apply for an international driving permit from Iceland. 

Apply for International Driving Permit, Iceland

  • First, visit the Icelandic Automobile Association website to learn about traffic safety and regulations in Iceland.
  • Next, follow the steps from the association in regards to getting an international driving permit, Iceland.
  • Give them the name of your country and the details from your driver’s license from your home nation.
  • Upload your contact details.
  • Let them know about how international driving permits work in your country.

In Iceland, you must get your international driving permit to be able to get a vehicle or rent one as a foreigner. So it is best you either get an international driving permit in your country or as soon as you are about to leave for Iceland.

Additional Requirements

You need to get your application via the internet or to look for locations of driver’s license offices in your vicinity. A passport is necessary, in addition to other important documents for the online application.

The international driving permit is normally good to use for only one year. It tells everyone that you own a valid driver’s license from your home country. You and your loved ones are also protected if anything goes wrong like in an accident or from the car breaking down while on the way in a foreign nation. If any of your valid means of identifying yourself goes missing, you are safe with the presence of your international driving permit. It would serve as a proper means of identification in foreign countries like Iceland.

Make sure you get a copy of your international driving permit before getting to Iceland if you plan on driving across the country

How to Celebrate an Iceland New Year

Iceland, which is known to set off a lot of fireworks on New Year’s Eve, is the place to be when the ball drops. This year, celerate an Iceland New Year in style! Our guide will show you how to have the most fun for your Iceland New Year.

Why You Should Try an Iceland New Year

People all around Iceland will be dancing in the streets and showcasing their talents and personalities in brightly colored attire with flares and trucks of fireworks. New Year’s parties will be happening everywhere, so if you are the party type, Iceland is the place to be.

Or, if you are the calm introverted type who likes to hang out with friends and stay by the fireplace, Iceland also has its special traditions for you. You could simply stay home or in your hotel and enjoy the peace away from all the noise and partying outside. You could also go out around close to midnight to enjoy bonfires in your warm wool clothing to ring in the New Year with a cozy disposition among friends.

You could be in Reykjavik or Akureyri and feel free to enjoy a wide range of New Year’s Eve activities. Whatever you do, you will have a great time.

One of the best places to spend your New Year though is Reykjavik. This is because apart from it being the largest city and capital of Iceland, it is the part of the nation where people flood the streets the most to celebrate the Iceland New Year. You cannot imagine the number of fireworks that will be displayed here. It is quite a lot.

Iceland Search and Rescue

This reason so many fireworks and flares should be used to spend the New Year in Iceland is that apart from how they spread colors out in the sky, they also help aid the search and rescue teams in Iceland. These teams rely on the money earned from the sales of fireworks and flares annually.

So keep your eyes out for the Iceland search and rescue teams. They are there to help people in case of accidents which could be caused by all the celebrations and also from dangers that could arise with the weather conditions for your Iceland New Year. 

It is best to try to get your fireworks used to celebrate the Iceland New Year from a store supporting the Iceland search and rescue teams. Landsbjörg or Flugbjörgunarsveitin are great examples of sellers of fireworks and flares all around town in Iceland.

Be safe, and have a great time for your Iceland New Year celebration! 

What You Need to Know About the Northern Lights and Iceland

What are the Northern Lights (aurora borealis)? Where can you find them? Why so many colors? When do we see them? All these are pending questions you’re worrying about right now. All will be revealed in this post as we will see answers to these questions.

What are the Northern Lights?

At a certain point in time in the year, the skies high up in the Earth’s atmosphere light up with different color displays – some green, pink, and purple – all fascinating and appealing to the eyes. What is happening here? 

The Northern Lights are a result of different gaseous particles colliding in the sky with charged particles that are emitted from the sun’s atmosphere. As a result of this phenomenon caused by those charges, the upper atmosphere of the Earth is left producing different reactions or effects like swirling, flickering, and glowing lights that can be seen from specific places around the globe. And these collisions of charged particles and gases can vary in color due to the distance of the collision from the Earth’s surface.

Why so many colors?

The most commonly noticed light is yellowish-green in color, produced by the collision of oxygen molecules with those particles. Other lights are red but involve a higher altitude located at heights reaching 200 miles, but generally aurora lights visible by the naked eye are about 50 miles up from the Earth’s surface. Other gases like nitrogen produce a different color, such as a blue aurora or purplish-red aurora.

Where can they be found?

Drawn through space these phenomenal lights are drawn to the magnetic northern and southern poles of the Earth. The most common and more accessible are the northern pole lights. They can mostly be observed from Iceland or any nearby city with no ambient lighting. One thing is certain though, the more time you stay in Iceland, the better your chances of catching them.

When do we see them?

When it comes to the Northern Lights and Iceland, they are most visible in the dark of night. But the most advisable time to observe these lights is when stars start becoming visible. If you aim to catch these Northern Lights, you should try traveling to Iceland between late August to mid-April. They last for about an hour or less, but to be able to view these lights properly you may need to avoid any artificial or ambient light sources so as not to disturb their visibility. That’s why being out in the country away from city lights is advised.

Baby Hats for Winter to Bring on Your Icelandic Holiday Vacation

Are you thinking of going on an Icelandic holiday vacation and wondering which are the best baby hats for winter? Don’t worry, we have a list of baby hats for winter that you’ll love!

It is important that your child is protected from exposure to cold weather, so a baby hat is important. You will have to think about the age of the baby, what material the hat is created from, the hat’s size, and so on when you decide to purchase it. Here are our 5 picks for the best baby hats for winter.

5 Best Baby Hats for Winter in Iceland

Carhartt Kids Acrylic Watch Hat

When you buy this baby hat for winter, you are getting one that is made totally of acrylic material. It comes with a stretchable feature. Apart from that, it can give your baby the warmth that he or she needs. You will see it in the classic knit design and varying hues, which makes it even more beautiful. When you buy it, you will notice that it is made of a rib-knit pattern, which is very stretchable and soft, and it has a wide cuff.

N’Ice Caps Fleece Trooper Hat Image

When we are talking about warmth, what comes to mind? The fleece trooper hat offers your child the warmth that he or she needs. It will also fit the child’s head well while covering the ears. You can get it in different hues.

Connectyle Fleece Lined Winter Hat

You could get this fleece-lined knit hat in three different hues. It is created for comfort. If you want your kid to be warm, it comes with earflaps that do just that. When you purchase this winter hat, you will notice that it is both cozy and soft. It is made entirely from 100% acrylic material but has a polyester lining. Apart from that, it also has ties that ensure that the hat is kept in one place.

JAN & JUL Fleece Lined Winter Hat

If you want a soft and beautiful winter hat for your child, you should consider trying out JAN and JUL. It gives your child both full coverage for their ears and head, as well as intense warmth. 

They can visit Iceland during the winter without you being scared. They can help to a large extent during those cold periods. Apart from them being effective, they come in cute designs. They can be used for a long time because of how durable they are.

N’Ice Caps Sherpa Lined Micro Fleece Hat

When the winter nights come to Iceland, you will want your kids to be both cozy and warm. You need something that will fit them well and can easily be adjusted to the growing head size of their head. 

This hat’s Sherpa fleece lining makes it cozy and extremely soft for your kid’s head. It also comes in different hues.

This means that you can match your kid’s hat to whatever clothes he or she is wearing. It comes with a hanging braided tassel on the hat, as well as a chinstrap with an adjustable hook and loop that allows the hat to fit your head.

Best Sightseeing During Good Weather Husavik Iceland

Husavik, Iceland is a nice place to visit, as there are a number of sites that can be visited. You will be lucky if you come across good weather in Husavik, Iceland, as then, you could see those beautiful places without cutting short your visit.

Húsavík can be found in the northern part of Iceland. You could get there from the capital of northern Iceland if you spend one hour on the road. During good weather, Husavik, Iceland is a great place to watch the whales. This is one reason that it has been christened, “the whale watching capital of Iceland.”

A lot of people travel to Husavik, Iceland to see the whales. Annually, it is said that thousands of visitors come there just to spot the whales.

Apart from that, when you visit during the good weather, Husavik, Iceland is a hub of activities, and you can taste the local delicacies in its many restaurants.

We have put together some activities that you can try in the whale capital of northern Iceland when you visit below.

2 Good Weather Husavik Iceland Sights to See

The Whale Museum

Are you surprised that there is a place in Húsavík called the whale museum? What do you expect of a place that has a lot of whales? If you want to enjoy your day or learn more about whales before you go for whale watching, it won’t be a bad idea to visit here. Your eyes will come across numerous exhibits in the Whale Museum.

If you want to see the life-size Blue Whale skeleton, the Whale Museum has it. There is a great chance that you know that Blue Whales are the biggest mammals in existence. When we say that their skeletons are gigantic, we aren’t joking. You will be amazed by its size when you see it! You will find out about the different types of whales in existence there. 

Gamli Baukur Restaurant

If you are looking for an awesome restaurant to dine in, it won’t be a bad idea to try out the one that is closest to the harbor.

Gamli Baukur Restaurant is made of a wood-paneled interior, as well as a number of fixtures and maritime artifacts. When you are inside, you will notice that the environment is both comfortable and cozy.

The restaurant uses a lot of local ingredients, meaning that you will likely consume organic foods. It also offers fresh seafood. Want fresh local delicacies? You should consider going here.

Traveling to Iceland? Don’t Forget!

While you are traveling in Iceland, there are some brands that you should consider using to protect your body and skin, especially when the weather is harsh. Weleda, Hyalogic, and Qtica are natural health brands you should consider trying to help maintain your health.

Also, it won’t be a bad idea to use lip balm to make your lips softer and avoid getting chapped if it gets cold outside. Everyone that has been to Iceland understands the benefits of a lip balm from trusted products like Weleda’s Everon Lip Balm, Hyalogic’s HA Lip Balm and Qtica’s Intense Relief Lip Repair Balm.

Happy travels!