All Natural Bug Sprays for Outdoor Activities

There’s always that time of the year that seems as if the den of bugs were opened to come and feast off your blood. When this happens, there’s every chance that you’d start looking for a means to scare them off in no time. There’s also a great chance that you wouldn’t want to cling onto chemical-based products, and you’d be running around while looking for something natural to use.

If this is you, then, I’d suggest you stick to this blog as I reveal to you some of the best natural bug sprays that you can use as a repellent against bugs.

Here they are!

1. Hyalogic – Bug Armour Natural Bug Repellent Spray 

Hyalogic’s Bug Armour Natural Bug Repellent Spray has been made to fight against all sorts of pests which include mosquitoes, insects, and gnats.

Using this product will only mean that you do not need to face the problem of bugs, as it’s going to repel every sign of bugs on your skin. It’s DEET-free, non-oily, and dries faster.

It’s been formulated with the best range of natural ingredients, such as lemongrass, eucalyptus, and orange, which won’t hurt any part of your skin.

The hyaluronic acid is present to ensure that you maintain good smooth skin. Hyalogic’s Bug Armour Natural Bug Repellent is very portable and can fit into your bag at any time.

2. Repel ­– Lemon Eucalyptus Oil

The Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Oil is specifically produced for children that are quite older than three (3) years of age. It’s also great for adults.

It’s a bug repellent that was made from plant-based ingredients, so this means that it’s going to hold a maximum effect on the skin.

This product is very active because of the lemon and eucalyptus plants that the oil was derived from. It repels everything ranging from mosquitoes to insects to flies and more.

With Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Oil, you are going to be safe from bugs for the next six hours after you’re done spraying.

3. Hello Bello – Organic Bug Spray

To be able to clear off signs of bugs from your body, Hello Bello Organic Bug Spray is one of the top natural bug sprays to cling onto.

It has been made with the best of natural ingredients to help scare away every sort of pest that might want to find its way to you.

This wonder product was tested and confirmed to be a good repellent for bugs. The positive reviews garnered in recent times is a testament to that.

4. Burt’s Bees – Herbal Insect Repellent

I’m sure you don’t want to go around holding a big party.

Here, Burt’s Bees’ Herbal Insect Repellent will help keep them all away from you in no time. It’s formulated with some of the most natural ingredients, which include citronella, lemongrass, and rosemary.

Spray onto your body and have a bug-free time!

9 Facts You Didn’t Know About Iceland

You might live in Iceland or you might have visited, but you may not know about these 9 interesting facts!

9 Facts You Didn’t Know About Iceland

1.     Almost everyone is named Magnús.

People in Iceland believe language is highly important, and it serves as your identity. The language there has not changed from the beginning of their existence. Many of their family names are Magnus.

2.     Beer was not allowed in the country until 1989.

All alcoholic drinks were banned for political reasons until March 1, 1989, from their struggles for independence from Denmark.

3.     Radiators are filled with water.

About 85% of the energy used in Iceland is from renewable sources. About 66% is from geothermal sources.

4.     There are no mosquitos found in Iceland.

There are no mosquitoes in Iceland due to the high amount of cold.

5.     There are not many trees in Iceland.

If you go to Iceland, you won’t find many trees. This was not always the case, but the Vikings axed down many forests for timber and to get space for the farms. Also, it’s due to the soil there. Since then, the government has made an effort to bring back the forests.

6.     Iceland does not have a railway system.

Typically, you wouldn’t be surprised that a small island nation does not have a railway system. But if you get stuck in a car on the road and you run out of gas, your next thoughts will veer towards other modes of transportation. But here you can’t do that because it doesn’t have a single rail for you to even think of getting a train ride home.

7.     It’s only a step/swim away from North America.

Iceland is only a 30-minute drive away, and you’ll reach an intersection of Europe and North America. In 2000 during the summer, the South of Iceland experienced two dangerous earthquakes, which resulted in North American and Eurasian to shift and the shifting of these tectonic plates ran through Iceland.

8.     Fast food restaurants are few in Iceland.

Before some years back, Iceland only had about three McDonald’s. And then after the financial crisis, the country arranged its economy and got more fast food restaurants, because McDonald’s could not handle the population that had more than 300,000 denizens.

9.     Iceland does not joke with marriage and divorce.

In Iceland, you have to settle and decide with the whole of your heart that you want to get married to your spouse, because it is extremely difficult to get a divorce in the future. They do the whole “till death do us part” properly. If you visit the homes of families in Iceland and look at their family portraits, you’ll get to see a photo of the parents, siblings, aunties, uncles, and all spouses on the photograph.

These are 9 facts you didn’t know about Iceland. We hope you enjoyed them!

Best Beaches in Iceland

Forget the fact Iceland is named Iceland, it has one of the most beautiful beaches you can imagine. These beaches have one of the best views. Be it the Blue Lagoon’s stunning beaches or the Northern Lights. It is a once in a blue moon sort of experience. What more could you ask for?

Iceland can be found at the edge of the Arctic, and you can’t select just one beach that would be the best. This is because Iceland will captivate your mind. It is a destination that will leave you stuck on its beautiful beaches.

List of Best Beaches in Iceland

1.     Black Sand Beach

This can be found on the south coast of Iceland. It is famous for its well-known Black Sand Beach. Its color is from the ash from the volcano. It is safe to say that you’ll feel like you are on another planet when you are on the black sand beach.

This is one of the reasons a lot of tourists flock these beaches in Iceland from different parts of the world yearly. Whenever you decide to visit Black Sand Beach, make sure you check the weather and make sure you take enough supplies and clothes that are waterproof, a tent, phone, blankets, flashlights, food, and your camera.

2.     Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach is one of the most popular and most visited beaches in Iceland. It gets this name from the huge blocks of ice around, and they wash-up on the beaches shore from the Glacier Lagoon close by. These chunks of ice look like big huge diamond rocks. This place is one of the most special places on Earth. Where else would you see a beach that’s filled with large ice diamonds?

Since the beach can be found close to the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, you could pay and visit the lagoon on your way. It is owned by the Vatnajökull Glacier National Park. These huge ice blocks are quite old; some are past a thousand years old.

3.     Nautholsvik Beach

This is one of the popular beaches that could be found in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. One of the best things about this beach is that it is a thermal beach, which gains its heat from the water that flows straight from the bay. You should be comfortable taking a dip into the water without worrying, because the water is hot enough for you to enjoy your bath and swim without any stress.

The beach has public amenities and two freshwater pools that are well suited for entire families. You are not allowed to surf on the beach for your safety. You should visit this beach if you want to relax and take your bath in this warm water.

4       Kirkjubol Beach

This is located in the west part of Iceland. This beach is created for family travelers and people that love staying outdoors. There are buses and airplane services available at this beach.

Enjoy your time at these best beaches in Iceland.