Are There Health Benefits to Iceland’s Hot Springs?


Before we begin telling you the health benefits to the hot springs in Iceland, let’s start by telling you about the many hot springs available there.

Why Does Iceland Have So Many Hot Springs?

It has this many because it lies across the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, around the boundary point close to two tectonic plates. It sits above an area that has a high volcanic activity that’s popularly known as a hotspot. Because of this, the island nation is home to a lot of hot springs and active volcanoes.

Where are the Geothermal Pools in Iceland?

These pools are around practically everywhere, because of high amounts of volcanic activities.

What is a Hot Pot in Iceland?

A hot pot in Iceland refers to handmade tubs that are in the ground. Sunken and filled with water, they are also heated from the heat of the earth. These pots were made using a lot of materials that include plastic, tin, and stone.

Can You Swim in Iceland’s Thermal Pools in Winter?

Because of the heat, these pools are open all year long. It is known as Iceland past time for one to take these hot water in cold months.

How Warm are Iceland’s Hot Springs?

Some of these pools and hot springs are simply warm. They are great for swimming. Most of them are as hot as a bath with temperatures around 36-40°C/97-104°F. Some of them might be too hot to bathe in, but they are great when you simply want to visit for the views.

Now to the main question which brought you here.

Are There Health Benefits to Iceland’s Hot Springs?

The water has rich minerals and these minerals have soothing and softening benefits to the human skin.

What Should I Bring to the Hot Springs?

These all depend on the particular facility you’ll like to visit. Some of the remote springs might not have any facilities, some have eateries, toilets, and rooms to change. It is recommended you bring a towel, toiletries, flip flops, a robe, and some extra clothes for places with heat.

You can check out Iceland hot springs and the pools on a tour whenever you’ll like.

What’s the Blue Lagoon?

One of the best geothermal pools in Iceland is the blue lagoon, it is one of the most popular starting points and could be your final destination for people that come into or leave Reykjavik. It is in the middle of a lava field that is black. It has a combination of hot pools and it is publicly known for its mineral-rich waters and milky blue color.

You can visit for the day and decide which package for entry you’ll enjoy. Your entry is timed by the hour, and when you get in, you can enjoy it until they have to close up. You should get a ticket that’ll get you in early.

This is the place to be when you just want a quick dip, as well as fine dining, a nice hotel, and spa facilities.

A traveler’s tip: If you choose to use the hot springs in Iceland, be sure to support your immune system and digestive health by taking a supplement like Nordic Flora Probiotic Comfort by Nordic Naturals. That will help prevent any possible infections from germs in the spa area by other people using the hot springs. Stay healthy, and happy travels!