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Fish oils are packed with loads of amazing benefits that are not just beneficial to man but it’s also beneficial to your furry friends. Most dog owners incorporate fish oil into their dog’s diet because it has many health benefits when administered rightly. Fish oil is made up of two main ingredients. They are; omega- 3 EPA and DHA. these two ingredients by nature are bonded to glycerol which is a 3-carbon backbone structure. This article discusses the benefits of fish oil for dogs and why you need to incorporate it into your dog’s diet.

Fish oil protects your dog’s heart

Fish oil is very beneficial to the heart condition of your dog. Fish oil helps prevent the condition of Atrial fibrillation; a condition whereby a dog is prone to develop an irregular heartbeat.

Prevents skin allergies

Fish oil helps to prevent and reduce any allergies and itching your dog might be suffering from. Fish oil is widely used, especially by veterinarians to treat a dog suffering from any skin allergies. The EPA and DHA from the fish oil help reduce their body allergies through a process called cytokinesis; whereby the production of active stimulators causing inflammation is reduced.

Beneficial to joint health

Fish oil decreases the production of active prostaglandins which causes inflammation to a dog’s joint. It is normal for dogs to have stiff, achy joints no matter how active they are, it is part of the aging process. But when fish oil helps is incorporated into a dog’s diet the omega 3- EPA and DHA help support their achy joints and the dog becomes more agile and active than a dog that does not take fish oil. The fish oil helps maintain a healthy bone and promotes joint function and cartilage production.

It improves brain development and cognitive function

Studies have shown that dogs whose diet is inclusive of fish oil have a more developed ability to learn and retain certain skills than dogs without fish oil in their diet. Even older dogs suffering from cognitive function can recognize people and other dogs more when fish oil is added into their diet.

Improved immunity

Neither man nor animal can work with a weak immune system so your dog needs to have a strong and healthy immune system in order not to fall ill all the time. What better way to boost your dog’s immunity than incorporating fish oil into your dog’s diet. The omega 3 EDPA and DHA in the fish oil help improve the immune Health function of your dog which prevents them from falling ill over anything and everything.

Nordic Naturals (Omega-3 Pet Soft Gels for Dogs) is a PSC brand of fish oil supplement with a very good formula you can add to your dog’s diet. You do not want to cause any unwanted harm to your dog’s health. So before incorporating any supplement including fish oil make sure to consult with a veterinarian first.