Best Coffee Bean Drinks and a Mini Guide to Icelandic Coffee Culture


Are you looking for the best coffee in Reykjavik? When it comes to Icelandic coffee culture, the best coffee bean drinks are all up to your own personal preferences – from steaming hot espressos to cold-brewed classics. Grounded in Nordic traditions, Icelandic coffee culture prides itself on fresh coffee beans ground to perfection and served with unmatched hospitality.

Coffee, as loved and adored, can have so many flavors and preferences especially when it comes down to the point of buying the beverage. Let’s take a look at the best coffee bean drinks that Iceland has to offer to you.

Best Coffee Bean Drinks in Iceland

Matcha Latte

Have a go with a matcha latte, specially prepared for health-minded coffee enthusiasts. The matcha latte is a lightly sweetened beverage with a mix of silky coffee powder and ceremonial grade matcha, finished with milk perfect for trendsetter and Icelandic traveler.

Caramel Coconut Latte

This drink has a nice blend and mix of flavor as it utilizes the caramel and coconut flavor perfectly to form one great union. Every sip leaves you wanting more earthy coconut flavor. It is best served in a hot and creamy form that warms up the cold Icelandic weather.

The Classic Flat White Coffee

This classy drink isn’t just some old boring day-to-day coffee but a sophisticated and sleek drink with the taste to change your mind from drinking your everyday cup of sweet milk. It’s a mix of both flavor and elegance as this coffee utilizes that beautiful layer of foam on top it that makes it go from a regular looking coffee to looking more like an espresso with more milk in it.

Midnight Mocha Cold-Brewed Coffee

This is an excellent choice if you’re looking at getting an ice-cold coffee with a chocolate flavor. As one of the best coffee bean drinks, it exceeds well in the aspect of any chocolate coffee, transcending into a perfectly brewed batch. The mocha cold-brewed coffee has a balanced mix of flavors from the perfectly made coffee and the rich chocolate. With an appealing look, the midnight mocha tastes like a nice chocolate bar or a cup of espresso with a foam topping.

With great choices of coffee to choose from, it’s no wonder coffee is consumed at a very high rate by many Icelanders and tourists. With so many cafes, pubs, and restaurants, you can find fresh Icelandic coffee within a 700-meter radius on just about any street. 

Most Icelandic coffee is made from Italian techniques and served as a latte, espresso, macchiato, and cappuccino styles. With so many coffee vending centers, it has become a very competitive market. That’s why you’ll find some of the best coffee in Iceland!

And when it comes to making your own daily cup of coffee, try natural sweetening options instead of sugar to reduce your calories without sacrificing great taste! We recommend bringing stevia packets or liquid drops with you while traveling to Iceland from natural health brands such as Stevita and NOW Foods. Happy traveling, and enjoy your coffee!