Best Fishing Spots in Iceland


Move away from the ice-filled country you imagine when you think of Iceland, Iceland is known to be filled with a lot of water bodies making a hotspot for a fishing exercise.

Fishing in Iceland is a very large enterprise, standing as the largest export from the country as well as their most prized assets which they guide jealously. It is not just revered for its commercial effect on the country’s economy, but it is one of the top recreational exercises in Iceland. You surely can’t visit Iceland without partaking in or two fishing exercises. Let’s take a look at some of the best fishing spots in Iceland.

Sog River

The Sog river is The ultimate spot for Salmon and Arctic Char. Locsted east of the countrys capital Reykjavík. The river originates from Iceland’s biggest inland lake, the Thingvallavatn Lake. Apart from the fishing abundance that it presents, Sog river also provides the fishers with beautiful scenery to enjoy while they fish.

The fishing season for the river lasts from 24th June to 20th September.

Steinsmyrarvotn Lake

The lake is Located in Medalland, supplied by several streams. The lake contains residential char and both sea and residential brown trout. The lake is filled with a lot of vegetation, providing beautiful scenery, and has a bubbly aquatic life.

Thingvallavatn Lake

It is the second-largest natural lake in Iceland. The lake plays host to four varieties of trout, with its brown trout revered for its large size. The lake is listed as one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites due to its historic and geologic history. It is part of the fissure plate that separates the European and North American tectonic plate boundaries of the Mid Atlantic Ridge.

Jökla Area

The Jökla area houses a complex river system. Located in the northeast of Iceland, the river system contains four known rivers; Jökla, Fögruhlíðará, Fossá, Laxá, and Kaldá, with many unknown rivers which have not been fished yet. Unlike the rivers listed above, the Jökla river system is known to be a salmon fishing center.

The fishing season runs from  1st June to 30th September

Bruará River

The river is one of the largest spring-fed rivers in ice land and also a nature-protected area. The spring is supplied from the Brúará Canyons and Rotarsandur Area, having Hvita as its tributary. The river is filled with both salmon and Arctic char.

Fishing Requirements in Iceland;

Iceland does not handle their fish with kid gloves, there are various things to know about fishing and rules guiding fishing in Iceland. They include;

  • Fishing seasons; fishing in Iceland occurs strictly during fishing seasons. Fishing seasons in Iceland occurs mostly from May to September
  • Fishing card; this is issued for every form of economical fishing and covers a good number of lakes in the country, which you need to carry as you go fishing across the country. The card contains various fishing location contains every river or lake you can visit.

Most importantly, follow the fishing rules when fishing in any lake or river in Iceland. Fish in only lakes or rivers listed on your card, also check for the fishing guide on the government’s official website prior to your fishing exercise.