Cold Weather Dry Skin Remedies


Winter is here and we all know that it can have devastating consequences on our skin, it can dry out our skin and make us look unhealthy. The skin can crack, but there is hope though, as in this article we are going to explore some remedies for dry skin in cold weather.

Your skin might feel itchy, raw, red, uncomfortable, dry, and rough, but these are symptoms of dry skin. They happen when you do not have enough moisture in your skin, because your skin cannot retain it due to whatever reason, but the reason we are looking at is cold weather.

Winter is especially problematic in this regard probably because of the low temperatures, as this leads to reduced humidity within the house and outside the house, and we know our skin is affected by the level of humidity it is exposed to.

What happens when your skin dries up in winter can be referred to as winter xerosis or winter itch, and it is good that there are a good number of things you can do to remedy this occurrence. The effects of dry skin in winter can be so uncomfortable it can ruin your holiday season, and that’s why it is absolutely necessary to find effective remedies to this condition that is ordinarily inevitable during winter.

Remedies to Cold Weather Dry Skin

These are proven ways to remedy dry skin in cold weather, try them and see how effective they would be to you.

  • Humidifier use: Using a humidifier during cold weather like winter is something you should practice religiously. Do not set the humidifier below 60 percent, as this should help your skin get enough and retain enough humidity. This should effectively work to prevent your skin from drying up in winter.
  • Shower/Bath time: If you bathe for too long, it will drain your skin of necessary moistu,,e and this is something you should avoid, especially during winter or cold weather. Try to reduce the time you spend bathing to a maximum of 10 minutes a day. This should help you and your skin.
  • Water Temperature: Do not use hot water, however tempting it may be, for the sake of your skin in cold weather conditions. Instead, use lukewarm water, as this will help your skin retain some of its moisture and oil.
  • Soap usage: When the weather is cold, try to reduce your usage of soap. If you must use soap, try to use moisturizing ones, because they will help add moisture to your skin.
  • Do not use soaps with perfumes, alcohol, or deodorant: Doing this would be detrimental to your skin as these products can easily strip away your natural skin oil.
  • Use Bath Oils: Using this can help retain the oils in your skin and even add to it.
  • Avoid the use of sponges and washcloths: They can traumatize your skin, thereby making them more susceptible to losing moisture and oils.
  • Use moisturizers: After taking your bath, use moisturizers like Skin Food for Dry & Rough Skin by Weleda, and similar brands, as this would help to coat your skin and hydrate it.

What are your favorite cold weather dry skin remedies?