Fish and Other Animals You May See When Traveling to Iceland


Iceland is the home of beautiful creatures. As a matter of fact, people travel from their countries to Iceland just to see some of the beautiful creatures that the country is blessed with. Most of the fascinating creatures are sea animals; however, birds and land animals also take refuge in the lovely cold country.

In this article, we’re going to look at some of the fish and other animals that you would love to see when you take a journey to Iceland. Follow me through this article, and you might just have an idea of what to expect or look out for when you visit Iceland.

Sperm whale

Whales are some of the world’s wonders. They are even more wonderous in Iceland, the land of fire and ice. Sperm whales are seen as vicious animals that wreck ships and eat humans. However, that is not the case. Sperm whales don’t usually stay close to the top of the sea enough to wreak the kind of chaos that people say they make. They can go as deep as 3,000 meters into the water.

Sperm whales live up to 70 years, feeding on squids that usually leave scars on their bodies. Take a trip to the deep part of an Icelandic sea and behold nature’s goodness.

Icelandic horses

Although relatively small in stature, the easy-going Icelandic horses are highly beloved by the people of Iceland. Horses came to Iceland through Norse settlers who sailed down to Europe to gather spoils. Most of the horses are now bred and groomed in the country. Despite the harsh environment, they’re still able to survive and reproduce. These animals are undoubtedly one of Iceland’s pride.


These ones have become so used to Iceland that they can stroll on the streets of Iceland with humans. They’re too numerous and are dearly loved by the people. You don’t need to look too far to see them. They’re everywhere you go. To enjoy the true beauty of the Icelandic puffins, you’ll have to visit Iceland during the winter season. The puffins usually become more resplendent and beautiful during this period.

Arctic fox

These foxes are majorly found in the coldest parts of Iceland. They’re as big as a house cat and are the only land animals that are native to Iceland. Don’t misjudge their innocent and petite stature for weakness. They’re among some of the most powerful and dangerous animals in that region.

The Arctic fox is an omnivore and feeds on birds, berries, shrubs, and pulp. The vegetation in Iceland during the summer doesn’t really favor these animals. However, they’ve been able to survive and multiply greatly throughout Iceland.


Reindeers are commonly found where the weather is cold. That’s not a Christmas myth. Iceland is home to several breeds of beautiful and huge reindeers. Don’t get too close to these animals. They have the propensity to cause serious bodily harm to you even if they have been tamed.

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