How Do You Massage Sinuses to Drain During Allergy Season?

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If a person is suffering from aches, congestion, itchy eyes, and other forms of pollen allergy symptoms, he/she can easily get depressed or debilitated. In this article, we will talk about some of the lymphatic and acupressure techniques that can be used to alleviate these symptoms. After going through this post, you can begin to combine these steps that will be mentioned and notice the changes.

For alleviating sinus pressure: What you have to do is to place your hand at that junction that connects your collarbone and your neck’s front. This will result in your fingers falling into a kind of little hollow on one part of the neck’s front. With the use of your fingers, press down slightly toward the chest, doing it at a push/second. Just imagine what you are doing as if you are pulling fluid slightly from beneath your skin’s surface to the heart. With this technique, the lymphatic fluid flow will be stimulated, and can also pull down the fluid away from your head to make you relieved from the sinus pressure.

For draining sinuses: The inner side (corner) of your two eyebrows is among the best acupressure points that sinuses drainage close to the eyes can be induced. Your fingers should be placed on your eyebrows’ corners that are in your eye socket’s upper ridge. Begin to press toward your nose bridge, and relax your head in your hands so that the pressure will increase. Through this point, frontal headaches and sinus congestion will be relieved.

To relieve stuffy nose and head congestion: To do this one, the middle fingers are to be placed underneath the cheekbones, maintaining the same line with the eyeballs. Locate a small notch. If found, press up to it. Then, the index fingers should be placed outside the nostril. Use your fingers to press upwards to the cheekbones. By doing this, the sinus parts close to your nose and underneath the eyes would be released. Through these points, stuffy nose, sinus pain, eye pressure, head congestion, and nasal congestion are relieved.

To relieve congestion and headache: Hollow parts are on the two sides of a person’s back neck below the skull’s base. It is just as if these areas sit one corner of your skull, maintaining about two to three inches separate. What you have to do is to press upwards to your skull’s base by putting your fingers inside the hollows. This point helps to relieve neck pain, headaches, and congestion.

To relieve coughing and chest congestion: You will find one hollow sitting close to your breastbone just underneath your collarbone. Use your fingers to press toward your chest on any of the breastbone’s sides at the collarbone’s junction. This point helps to relieve coughing, chest congestion, and breathing problems.

Whenever you are faced with any of these kinds of problems or any other allergy, just try out these techniques that we highlighted above. If that doesn’t work, try Sinus & Allergy Nasal Spray by BioAllers or a similar brand.