How Iceland Handled the COVID Outbreak


Do you know why I love Iceland? They settled down and took the Coronavirus pandemic head-on. Settled down and fought it like their entire lives completely depended on it. That’s all cool and everything because if they did not do this, it would be a wonder why their coronavirus death rates are falling. Well that’s the question is it not? So I’ll do my best to explain why this is the resulting issue. Let’s go.

Why are the death rates from Covid 19 patients falling?

After analyzing the data that was obtained, this led to proper insights pm how this virus spreads through an entire population. The data that got showed explained that almost half of the people that got infected with the virus were asymptomatic. The kids did not even talk ill. Even the adults that had symptoms of mild versions of coronavirus only had cough, headaches, muscle pains. They didn’t even have a fever. There have been scientific activities that have served as a great part of the entire process. The director of internal medicine services at Landspitali which is the National University Hospital available in Iceland has stated that the researchers there have worked all day out and all day in to interpret and gather this data. These achievements are not just academic you see. Iceland has science that has gotten credit for stopping and preventing deaths. The nation has reported less than seven per a hundred thousand people when compared with about eighty per hundred thousand in the United States and the United Kingdom. This has also managed to reduce the rate of outbreaks as the borders have been kept open. This also welcomes tourists from about forty-five countries since the middle of June. This partnership again got kicked into very high gear in September when the world got a second very large wave of infections that threatened the country. 

Iceland has been taking very Careful Steps 

The pandemic and its cause isn’t the first pandemic to reach the shores of Iceland. In 1918 October, two ships that carried influenza from the pandemic got docked in Reykjavik downtown Harbour. Within about six weeks, two-thirds of the capital city’s people got infected. 

About a century after, the government of Iceland knew they had to gear up to attack whichever pandemic wanted to ever come and stress their lives. They trained their medical health care professionals proudly. Around January, two months before this shitty pandemic, they started making use of contact tracing, isolation, and quarantine. 

Þórólfur Guðnason who is the chief epidemiologist at the health Directorate stated that a huge part of this plan stated that the laboratory had started testing its citizens in February before March came and the pandemic started. 

So you trust that Iceland has been ready for the coming of the pandemic and the virus. When it came with full force, the pandemic noticed that Iceland already had its weapons out and ready for utmost destruction.