How Iceland Was Affected by COVID-19


COVID-19 came with a lot of difficulty for people in several countries around the world. One country that was affected the most by the presence of the pandemic is Iceland. Most of the major parts of the economy were unable to operate leading to a decline in the entire GDP of the country.

There is a lot of things you need to know about the effects of COVID-19 on Iceland and this is what we are going to discuss extensively in this article.

Iceland is a relatively small country of over 300,000 people. Everyone contributes their quota to the growth and success of the economy. During this period, a lot of private and government-owned businesses were shut down due to the effect of COVID-19. Everyone had their own negative experiences.

To better compile the list for you, we will be giving you a complete breakdown of how the great Icelandic country was affected by COVID-19

The death rate was one of a hundred.

When it comes to the death rate, Iceland was able to manage the rate of death that occurred in this city, working with a death rate of one to a hundred, they record one of the fewest death rates in Europe. This is an impressive feature because the coronavirus caused a lot of death in several other parts of Europe.

The main thing this country did to prevent the spread of this virus was to the built state of the art isolation centers that would help them fight against the pandemic. Whenever an individual was tested positive, they would be taken to the isolation centers and they would be treated by the best.

Most private and government-owned businesses were closed down from march 2020.

From March 2020, the government of Iceland declared that most of the private and government-owned businesses should be shut down most businesses switched to remote work as a result of the pandemic.

One thing that was quite unfortunate was that most of the businesses that could switch to remote working faced serious challenges in their work processes and most of them had to close down completely. Aside from the closing down of businesses, most businesses were still able to get back on their feet after the pandemic took place.

To date, most businesses are still going through the aftermath of the COVID-19 experience and some of them may not get through it.

The Educational sector witnessed a transition.

Most schools around Iceland has to transition to online learning for their learning processes. This was not easy to achieve but most primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions had to go through this process. Several online infrastructures was put in place to ensure that children learn effectively and they get the best results.

Final Words.

A lot of countries all around the world were greatly affected by the coronavirus. However, Iceland was one country that managed to defeat the virus by all odds. It is one of the best things to note as they prepare for a newer and more improved economy.