How to Celebrate an Iceland New Year


Iceland, which is known to set off a lot of fireworks on New Year’s Eve, is the place to be when the ball drops. This year, celerate an Iceland New Year in style! Our guide will show you how to have the most fun for your Iceland New Year.

Why You Should Try an Iceland New Year

People all around Iceland will be dancing in the streets and showcasing their talents and personalities in brightly colored attire with flares and trucks of fireworks. New Year’s parties will be happening everywhere, so if you are the party type, Iceland is the place to be.

Or, if you are the calm introverted type who likes to hang out with friends and stay by the fireplace, Iceland also has its special traditions for you. You could simply stay home or in your hotel and enjoy the peace away from all the noise and partying outside. You could also go out around close to midnight to enjoy bonfires in your warm wool clothing to ring in the New Year with a cozy disposition among friends.

You could be in Reykjavik or Akureyri and feel free to enjoy a wide range of New Year’s Eve activities. Whatever you do, you will have a great time.

One of the best places to spend your New Year though is Reykjavik. This is because apart from it being the largest city and capital of Iceland, it is the part of the nation where people flood the streets the most to celebrate the Iceland New Year. You cannot imagine the number of fireworks that will be displayed here. It is quite a lot.

Iceland Search and Rescue

This reason so many fireworks and flares should be used to spend the New Year in Iceland is that apart from how they spread colors out in the sky, they also help aid the search and rescue teams in Iceland. These teams rely on the money earned from the sales of fireworks and flares annually.

So keep your eyes out for the Iceland search and rescue teams. They are there to help people in case of accidents which could be caused by all the celebrations and also from dangers that could arise with the weather conditions for your Iceland New Year. 

It is best to try to get your fireworks used to celebrate the Iceland New Year from a store supporting the Iceland search and rescue teams. Landsbjörg or Flugbjörgunarsveitin are great examples of sellers of fireworks and flares all around town in Iceland.

Be safe, and have a great time for your Iceland New Year celebration!