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Are you looking for an amazing site for your incoming vacation, something that has adventures, foods, touring sites, swimming pools, and the best hiking places you can think of to make your vacation memorable. And if the snow is getting too thick and high, this is when you get your snowboards and skis to show your skills in skiing and snowboarding, there is a lot you can do in westfjord, but if you are having second thoughts on your vacation being here, here are some awesome things you can do in westfjord and not have a dull moment there.

1. Skiing in the snow.

If you are a person that loves and adores sports and you love to ski on that fresh layer of powder, there are a lot of amazing ski resorts that are found across the country. They are normally open during the winter season. Places like Seljalandsdalur and Tungudalur have good skiing areas that may be perfect for you.

2. Golfing.

Maybe you are the kind of person that loves golf cause there are many golfing courses to pick from around the region. Westfjord has places like the bolungarvík golf club which has 18 tees and 9 holes, this will make you change your views on the holes when playing, so the hólmavík golf club which also has 66 pars but 9 holes and so many more to choose from. 

3. Bird watching.

There are different types of brands of birds, and there is a place where you can see all the birds you want. The place is called látrarbjarg bird cliff, thus placing us the largest bird cliff in Europe. 

4. Museum.

There are different types of museums if you stay in westfjord. There is always there something for everyone. An example of a unique museum is Samuel Johnson’s art museum, where a man dies after making a museum and a church, the Museum is filled with artwork the man did throughout his life. 

5. Food.

There are different kinds of delicacies to choose from in westfjord, but the food that we normally recognized in westfjord is fish. Apart from fish, there is a lot of food that you can all try and taste. Also not forgetting drinks that are amazing like Dolan brugghús, the first brewery that makes high standard beer. Or if you like chocolate, there is a place called sætt & salt also known as sweet and salty, it is a chocolatier that is mostly known for its sweet and salty chocolates which are awesome.

6. Hiking or biking the mountains.

Do you like to hike the great outdoors with the mountains and valleys, then westfjord is the place for you. If you like biking for a long distance with the wind on your face, westfjord is still the best place or you can even do both. You can go on biking tours on a rental bike or take a guided tour around the mountains and valleys. 

7. Tour ride.

You can go on guided bus tours to amazing sites like the dynjandi waterfall, látrabjarg cliff, and so many more. If you don’t like bus tours you can go on jeep tours, boat tours, you can also do seal watching. One of the best things about westfjord is that their services are extraordinary and fitted for every type of tourist, hiker, photographers, and making sure that the peak of nature is delivered to you fresh.