How to Get an International Driving Permit in Iceland


If you are traveling and need an international driving permit, Iceland offers some ways for foreign visitors to get one and drive a rental car across the country to sightsee.

An international driving permit in Iceland is also known as IDP. It allows those who own vehicles to move around comfortably in foreign nations. While in your vehicle abroad, or in a rental car, it is best you always have your international driving permit with you at all times, as well as your original driver’s license as well.

There are steps that you need to take before you will be able to apply for an international driving permit from Iceland. 

Apply for International Driving Permit, Iceland

  • First, visit the Icelandic Automobile Association website to learn about traffic safety and regulations in Iceland.
  • Next, follow the steps from the association in regards to getting an international driving permit, Iceland.
  • Give them the name of your country and the details from your driver’s license from your home nation.
  • Upload your contact details.
  • Let them know about how international driving permits work in your country.

In Iceland, you must get your international driving permit to be able to get a vehicle or rent one as a foreigner. So it is best you either get an international driving permit in your country or as soon as you are about to leave for Iceland.

Additional Requirements

You need to get your application via the internet or to look for locations of driver’s license offices in your vicinity. A passport is necessary, in addition to other important documents for the online application.

The international driving permit is normally good to use for only one year. It tells everyone that you own a valid driver’s license from your home country. You and your loved ones are also protected if anything goes wrong like in an accident or from the car breaking down while on the way in a foreign nation. If any of your valid means of identifying yourself goes missing, you are safe with the presence of your international driving permit. It would serve as a proper means of identification in foreign countries like Iceland.

Make sure you get a copy of your international driving permit before getting to Iceland if you plan on driving across the country