Citizenship means the status of a person that has been recognized under the law of a country of belonging to that country. When a state recognizes a citizen, it generally carries with its recognition of civil, political, and social rights, which a none citizen cant be entitled to such privileges.

Iceland is a very beautiful country that is filled with volcanos, geysers, hot springs, and lovely fields. It is a famous country that is known as the “land of fire and ice”. It is a country everyone would love to gain its citizen certificate.

How to get Icelandic citizenship:-

There are several ways in which a citizen can gain Icelandic citizenship. One of which can be through birth. For example, a mother that is an Icelandic citizen, if she gives birth, her child is automatically Icelandic citizen by birth. Another way is if the father is an Icelandic citizen, then he got married, and the woman gives birth, then the child is also an Icelandic citizen by birth.

This means that the child of an Icelandic father, and a foreign woman who are not married, when they give birth in Iceland, and the paternity is confirmed under the children Act, then the child will automatically acquire Icelandic citizenship.

In a situation where the child happens to be born abroad, the father would have to apply to the ministry of interior, for the child to acquire Icelandic citizenship. You can check more information by clicking here.

Applying for Icelandic citizenship 

For those that are eager to apply for Icelandic citizenship, this process is handled by the Directorate of Immigration. The general requirement is that the applicant would have been domiciled in Iceland for seven years. But when there is an exemption of Nordic nationals then the applicant needs to have a legal domicile in Iceland for four years.

This means that applicants must have resided continuously in Iceland, during the last year preceding commission.

The following requirements should be strictly obliged, to obtain Icelandic citizenship -:

  • Applicants must be free of any accusation involving fraud.
  • The applicant may not have received living assistance from a municipality, during the past years.
  • Whether the applicant has lived in Iceland or abroad, there must not be any fine or prison sentence.
  • There must not be an issue of outstanding in the criminal justice system.
  • Applicants must have passed an examination in Iceland.

Dual citizenship 

This is citizenship that a person does not give up his/her previous citizenship, to obtain Icelandic citizenship when the foreign nationals have granted Icelandic citizenship, by the Act of law from Althing. However, the law of the state where the person is a citizen may stipulate that citizenship may be terminated.

If an Icelandic citizen applies for citizenship in another state, the Icelandic citizenship may stay with the person. 

Therefore, these are the ways to become a citizen of Iceland-:

  • Marry an Icelander.
  • Students that are granted a residence permit, and a limited work permit, need to attend a university.
  • Improving skills is essential to acquire a work permit.