How to Live the Nordic ‘Hygge’ Lifestyle


If you are interested in the Scandinavian way of living, then you have most likely heard of “Hygge.” The unique lifestyle or concept is very common all over Denmark, Sweden, and many other Scandinavian areas, which could be one of the reasons why the area is great for being the happiest places on the planet Earth. If you find yourself not growing up in one of the Scandinavian communities, then words alone can’t describe what hygge. The definition of hygge has evolved over a couple of years, just like love or peace the meaning can be abstract. 

The best way to have a mental picture of what the hygge lifestyle is all about, then you would have to think back as far as a cold winter with your friends at home all snuggled up, music playing around you with a blanket covering your body, a drink in your hands and your stomach filled with your favorite delicacy. So as the snow falls you are warmed up, that’s the meaning of hygge.

Most experts say that you should open your hearts to the simple, happy moments when everything feels safe happy, and very warm. 

What does hygge mean?

The word hygge is danish for giving comfort or to console. The word has roots in ancient Norse, with ties to the word “Hugga.” The word happens to come from our English tongue “Hug”, so Hygge is simply the feeling of being embraced by the nice things of the world.

Living the Scandinavian hygge lifestyle

Let’s consider the essentials of hygge by trying the lifestyle for yourself, but first, you need to understand that the experience is flexible. Most of the time hygge is experienced when you are surrounded by family, however, hygge can be felt when you are in other people’s homes, or maybe when you are experiencing your alone time. You need to understand that the hygge concept is embedded into the danish lifestyle, and the quotes can be found in most corners of the country saying: “hyggeligt at mod dig” which can be translated to as “nice to meet you”.

Step 1: getting a proper lighting 

For a great hygge experience, setting up a good firelight is essential. You must have the lifestyle in your home rather than having it in an artificial environment. The use of candles can help in having the natural experience.

Step 2: surround yourself with the right company

It is very possible to enjoy them alone, however, it is also very essential that you do it with friends and family members. The highlight of a hygge experience is by snuggling up with loved ones.

Step 3: Enjoy the little things 

Now there is a new trend of implementing the Hygge into your home setting, which makes people feel like a true hygge experience is through home aesthetics, and it’s not about an extravagant lifestyle, it’s all about the appreciation of the little things that you have. You can relax in your hot tub with a nice cup of coffee for as long as you want.