How to Plan an Iceland Destination Wedding


Iceland is now among the world’s best travel destinations because of its surreal landscapes. It is located between Europe and North America and can be easily accessed from any of the two continents. But, it does not look like any other place on Earth.

It is a scantily rugged, populated, and wild island where there is a bubbling of hot springs, the eruption of volcanoes, and also waterfalls around the whole corners. All these and many more reasons are what attracts tourists from around the world and couples who appreciate the beauty in Iceland as a perfect wedding destination.

If you have any plans of having an Iceland destination wedding, this article will educate you on the things you should know beforehand.

Iceland’s Legal Requirements

Before a marriage can be held in Iceland, both parties aspiring to get married must be up to 18 years of age and must not be related by adoption, blood, or marriage. Two weeks before the date of the wedding, marriage paperwork must be taken to Reykjavik ‘s National Registry Office. It is advisable that the paperwork is sent up to six weeks in advance if possible so that there will be no delay problems.

The paperwork to be submitted include your flight tickets, passports, witness forms that are signed by 2 witnesses, divorce papers (for divorced ones), the previous spouse’s death certificate (applicable to widows), marital status certificate, birth certificates, and a confirmation from an Immigration Directorate stating that you are a legal resident of Iceland.

Yeah, if you want to avoid any sort of red tape, one of the best options is to have your marriage done legally in your locality and then use Iceland for the celebration and ceremony.

Plan in Advance

It is advisable that you arrive in Iceland 2-3 working days before the date of your wedding gets your marriage license (Iceland), but you must have sent the printed copies of those documents 2-3 weeks before you arrive in Iceland. Also, if you have any plans to hire a local caterer or photographer, or to book a church for the wedding venue, it would be better for you to begin the process for about six months earlier to ensure that where you have chosen is available. And if you are visiting around June-August, you should try as much as possible to book accommodation far before the time.


Having a wedding done in Iceland is different from the tropics, as it requires some heels and a dress that is more than just off-the-shoulder. Even if you are making use of a church as your venue, there is every chance that you will want to snap with the beautiful landscape in Iceland, meaning that you need proper outerwear and footwear. You should come along with some flat footwear that you can decide to change into, it is impossible to use stilettos to walk over moss-covered craggy lava rock, so calf-high boots will be much better. You should also come along with a stylish shawl or coat.

Before your Iceland destination wedding, ensure that you see to what we have just highlighted above and enjoy your ceremony with your partner, loved ones, and well-wishers.