How to Say Hello in Icelandic (and Other Common Greetings)


Whenever you want to visit Iceland to any other place, you need to know your way around the language that’s spoken there. This would aid in helping how well you communicate and understand better using the locals available there. Most of the Icelanders there are taught English when they are very young. Learning some of these languages is truly a great gesture especially when you go to a country that’s foreign. Let not waste so much time already. These are some great phrases and words you’ll need to know as you travel to Iceland. 

List of ways you can say Hello in Icelandic and other Basic Greetings 


* <r> implies a rolled/trilled r

Hæ/ Halló

This is pronounced: Hi/ Hah-low

You need to start with some of the very basics. Here this simply means you want to say hello. You can make use of this the same way you would in basic English. “Hæ” is quite common and it is usually spoken twice as you greet. Like this: “Hæ hæ”.

Já/ Nei

This is Pronounced: y-ow / ney

The first word means yes while the other simply means no. These could both be quite rudimentary. You’d be shocked how a lot of tourists might not know this and you would really need to say Yes and No a lot. 

Góðan daginn

This is Pronounced as  go-thah-n  die-in. The translation here is simply good day. This are one of the simplest greeting in the Iceland language. You can make use of this to say hello to everyone that you meet or see. This would show them all that you are honestly friendly and polite. 

Ég heiti….

This is pronounced as ye-gh hey-tee. This simply means My Name is then you say your name. You get to introduce yourself showing great manners. It makes it very simple for you to meet new people. Just introducing yourself in their language open doors to several friendships to the local available people in Iceland. 

Hvar er…

This is pronounced as kva-<r>  e<r>. This simply means Where is. You could not know your way around an international country. It would be better if you simply knew how to ask people for directions around. You might not really know the name using Icelandic of the place you want to go to. But the locals around would understand exactly what you mean. 


This is Pronounced as k-low-seht. This basically means toilet or bathroom. We for sure would need to go to the bathroom it the toilet once in a while. Even being in a foreign country. This doesn’t change the fact that you would need to know all of this. This would easily help you locate a toilet or bathroom either by reading signs or asking someone who is a native of the place around. 

So there we have it. At this point, you have the basics you need to survive when you visit Iceland. You wouldn’t be stranded so much and over time before you know it, you’ll learn the language too.