Our Favorite Recipes for Traditional Iceland Christmas Foods


This article is going to talk about different recipes of meals that are wonderful for Christmas in Iceland.

On December 23, when Þorláksmessa would begin to roll. This is a holiday in which Iceland’s patron Saint Thorlak is honored. Family and friends all celebrate everything at the end of the fast for Christmas with all goodies from the creamy langoustine soup to the caramel-glazed potatoes. These recipes started showing from the last month in the year 2014 when there was the Northern Lights story. The list of our favorite recipes for traditional Iceland Christmas foods are as follows:

Our Favourite Recipes for Traditional Iceland Christmas Foods

  1. Creamy Langoustine Soup (Humarsúpa)

This really looks like the lobster bisque from America. The broth for warming this soup from Iceland has been reinforced using langoustine shells, which are reduced before they are hammered with curry powder and cream.

  1. Christmas Berry Sauce and Grouse

This is a homemade Þorgerður Gunnarsdóttir, and it is served with wild grouse, a properly made sweet sauce made with bilberries and thyme. Here this is substituted with blueberries. It is very sweet.

  1. Butter Sauce, Egg and Cod

This is a home-cooked meal known as the Kjartan Ólafsson meal, and it is served using chopped boiled eggs and a wonderful sauce of butter at Þorláksmessa. Saint Thorlak’s Mass is on December 23.

  1. Venison Terrine (Dádýrakæfa)

This is an epic substitute for the usual reindeer meat, and you can have this with cranberry and pistachio studded terrine.

  1. Blueberries with Spiced Cabbage

From cookbook author Nanna Rögnvaldardóttir, you can braise red ruby cabbage using fruit, spices, and jam to create a sweet dish with a tart flavor. This can feed all the guests for Christmas.

  1. Caramel Glazed Potatoes

This is a classic dish used to celebrate Christmas in Iceland. Butter and sugar-glazed potatoes are used on the holiday tables of many people in Iceland. Any waxy small potato is okay for this recipe.

  1. Leaf Bread

This is made with wafer-like thin dough. Leaf bread is a crispbread, which is created using the holiday tradition in Iceland. 

  1. Dark Iceland Rye Bread

If you want to get this loaf properly, you need to bake it slowly. Using Nanna Rögnvaldardóttir’s cookbook for Icelanders, you can enjoy this dense bread which has quite the color and flavor.

  1. Prune Jam Shortbread Layer Cake

This great cake has lots of cardamom-scented shortbread, which is used for occasions like Christmas. These could be used for a lot of other things too. You can keep baking it until it turns and looks golden and a little bit crisp. You could use sandwiches to put in the prunes, so it’ll all be filled under the slim coffee glaze.

So if you’re going to Iceland for Christmas or if you’re a denizen there, you know the things to expect and you know how to make the favorite recipes for traditional Iceland Christmas foods.