World-Class Iceland Skiing Resorts for Winter Travelers


Have you tried going snowboarding or skiing in Iceland? You can try reading this article to know about how exciting and majestic doing these feel like on these Icelandic slopes. Also, check out these skiing resorts for winter travels in Iceland.

Iceland World-Class Skiing Resort for Winter Travelers

  1. Dalvik Ski Resort

These are for people that are riders who enjoy going further to the heartland of Iceland. This should be where you’ll be stopping. It is the home of snowboarding here in Iceland. It has a serious number of athletes professionally which comes out of this cute fishing town. It is about 40 minutes drive from the town of Akureyri. Residents that formerly lived in Dalvik now move to have competitions like the Olympics and then they later become World Skiing Champions. One shouldn’t be surprised by this because they come from a place that has quality snow which falls annually. This is a territory they’ve had a lot of practice for years.

  1. Isafjordur Ski Resort

This Ski Resort located at Ísafjörður is known as the best location for snowboarders and skiers at Westfjords. This resort could be found from Tubgadalur, and it is nestled between valleys which look wonderful. There are about three wonderful chairlifts available at the resort, and there are different slopes that are great for a long-range of different levels of skills. These resorts also boast to be the one with the steepest and longest runs all through Iceland. This resort has an elevation of about 115 to 487 elevation.

Don’t stress about the slopes of the resort or the backcountry, as there are so many vistas which could be found from all angles of the place.

  1. Oddsskard Ski Resort

This is usually known as the Iceland Eastern Fjord Alps. Oddsskarðis hovered by several mountains close to the road funnel and the Oddsskarð pass. It is positioned in the middle bang through the villages of Norðfjörður and Eskifjörður.

Several different amenities from Oddsskarð aren’t really known to people from the single ski lodge. This lodge can hold about 40 different people in several sleeping bags. There’s also a cafeteria for moments when people would need some respite time.

  1. Hlidarfjall Ski Resort

This is just a short drive from the Akureyri to get to Hlíðarfjall. This is known as the ski premier slope of Iceland. Voted by Lonely Planet as one of the top 12 ski locations globally, the locals there have also always thought about the place as the best area for resort skiing. Now we know why. Hlíðarfjall is accessible to both great enthusiasts and beginners too. Both snowboarding and skiing instructors are available to teach anyone the necessary basics of snow sports. These flatter slopes are there for people that need more time to increase their self-esteem and confidence levels.

So whenever you visit Iceland, make sure you check out these world class skiing resorts.