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Iceland is ranked as one of the least budget-friendly places in the world. Iceland has its uniqueness that no place in the world could top. So if you are preparing for your next trip to Iceland here are some travel tips you can try on a budget.

Tip no 1-plan the cost

You should try scaling your travel cost. Traveling to Iceland costs about 60-70 dollars or 7400-9,0300 ISK if you are traveling at a low cost. This budget covers your use of local transportation and the hostel you’ll be staying in. With this low-cost budget, you’ll have to be preparing your meals as the food sold in restaurants can be expensive as well as taking free tours only. On an average travel budget of 100 dollars i.e 12,000 ISK you could get to eat out sometimes but only at cheap restaurants, get to drink a little, and do more paid activities. While on a budget of $200+ or at 29,000ISK you could get to stay in a budget hotel, take any kind of tour you want, eat out, and do any kind of fun activities. On a luxury budget, you could spend roughly spend 50 dollars or 600ISK per day, if you plan on cooking your meals, hitchhiking, couch surfing, or camping with personal gear.

Tip 2- save money as best as possible

Touring can be loads of fun to the point you may forget you’re on a budget and spend more than you bargained for. You don’t want to go bankrupt just on one trip. There are some little things you can do, some little luxuries you can forfeit so you can spend less but still get to enjoy your trip.

Avoid taxis, take a bus instead.

Taxis can be comfortable than having to take the bus as they even get you to your main destination but they can be more expensive. You can opt for a bus instead, even though they don’t get you to your main destination, for someone who is looking for ways to save money it’s the perfect option. Before traveling a single kilometer taxis charge almost 6 dollars or 700 ISK. This could add up pretty quickly without you realizing it. Buses are cheaper and slower so you can enjoy your trip, all you need to do is plan your route ahead of time.

Cook your meals

It’s well known that cooking is always cheaper than eating out this applies even in Iceland. Icelandic restaurants can be very expensive, cheap restaurants could charge $15 per meal while dining restaurants cost $25 or more. You can cook your meals at some hostels, Airbnb, and even hotels if permitted.

You can try hitchhiking, bringing your water, tea, or coffee, bringing your sheets, couch surfing with locals, take free walking tours, camping, free hot springs, etc. There are loads of Iceland Travel tips on a budget, so no matter how long you’re staying for you can enjoy many fun activities with your budget intact.