Iceland Volcanoes to Visit


Are you planning to have your next vacation in Iceland? Do you want to know what awesomeness awaits you in Iceland in terms of volcanoes to visit? Well, you’ll find all the amazing volcanoes here before you make your next trip.

The land of ice and fire is not only known for its awesome scenery. While there are hundreds of places to see, Iceland’s volcanoes are also huge tourist attractions that attract hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. In this article, you’ll see some of them.

1. Katla Volcano

This one is the most dangerous volcanoes in Iceland. If you’re a lover of danger, then this is one volcano you would really love to take photographs of.

Katla volcano is located in South Iceland, around the Mýrdalsjökull glacier. It is quite difficult going to this volcano, whether you’re hiking or you’re going at it with a helicopter. Whichever way you get to it, just ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable time.

2. Askja Volcano

The warm breeze from the surrounding of this volcano will surely help calm your nerves.

The volcano’s last eruption was 1875, and as you may be guessing, it was utterly destructive. Thankfully, nothing has been heard again from it, and we can say that it brings an amazing level of beauty.

Askja volcano is located in Northern Iceland and is accessible by bus.

3. Krafla Volcano

Not entirely far from the Askja, Krafla can also be found around the northern part of Iceland, and it is around 818m tall. Around this volcano, you’ll find a gorgeous lake that is a sight for sore eyes, just like the volcano. It is cold and has a teal color.

If you’re visiting this volcano, then you’ll also love to see the beautiful hot spring that is just a 30-minute walk from it. The awesomeness just never ends around this volcano.

4. Grímsvötn Volcano

This is another dangerous volcano to visit for the sake of its beauty, as well as the stories you’ll have to tell after visiting it. This volcano is considered dangerous because of its frequency of eruption. It has erupted over 60 times since it was discovered, and there is a chance that it will erupt again.

You’ll find this one in Northeastern Iceland surrounded by mountains of ice. The volcano is around 900m high and 15m in diameter.

5. Hekla Volcano

This volcano is still very active, and the last eruption was in 2000. Scary, isn’t it? Well, the last eruption was quite mild compared with the ones before it that caused great calamities like Tsunamis and poisonous gas.

You wouldn’t wonder why it is called “The gateway to hell” after visiting it. It’s not too far from the capital, so you can just drive in and out when you do visit.

Be aware though that some of these volcanoes have not been deemed to be completely inactive, so ensure that you’re asking a lot before you embark on the trip.