Iceland vs Greenland: Tourist Attractions


When you see the names Iceland and Greenland, seem to tell yourself that they are different. In the differences, people say that one is lush while the other isn’t. However, they have a lot in common that one might think. So, what do you think are the major differences between the two, in this article you would get to know the famous myth busters that tell you the differences between the two countries.

Size and Population

When it comes to size, Greenland beats Iceland without arguments. Let’s look at the numbers for proof Greenland is twenty times bigger with a land of over two million square kilometers, but then it’s roughly the size of Ireland. Both countries have a very little population, Greenland has a population of 56,000 while Iceland has a population of about 365,000.

Who owns Greenland?

It’s a funny question right because in a time and era like this is a country owned by someone. Well yes, Greenland is ruled by a self-governing territory by a Danish Crown. So it’s therefore under the kingdom of Denmark. While Iceland is not ruled by anyone or the royal family, because Iceland gained its independence from Denmark in the year 1944. So you can safely say that the two countries share an affiliation with Denmark.

Which is better for tourist attractions

When it comes to visiting or spending the holidays, both countries have their attractions. But when it comes to traveling, Greenland is difficult to get into and also expensive compared to Iceland. It is believed that there are no roads in Greenland unless you count the streets in the Greenlandic capital, Nuuk, and some of the villages up and down the coast. So kiss the idea of renting a car goodbye.

Instead, most of your travels would be done either by sea or by air, neither of which seems to be ok, because the skeletal services provided are used for providing for remote communities instead of aiding tourists to move around the island.  Even though it isn’t cheap, traveling to Iceland is less expensive compared to Greenland and there several options in getting around, whether through public transportation, renting a vehicle, using ferries, all are suitable options for moving around.

Tourism in Greenland Vs Iceland

In Iceland, tourism is far more developed compared to Greenland, there is easy access from Europe to the US, hotels in Iceland are in the streets of Reykjavik. Also, there are well-organized guides that would provide you with tours and day trips. However, if you don’t care about driving around, you can take a full-day Golden circle trip which allows you to view natural sights, you can also choose to hike to get some higher ground and see the beauty from above.

In contrast, is very expansive, with just fewer flights it is very difficult which makes it hard to move around. On the brighter note, it receives few tourists compared to Iceland which makes the whole experience exciting.