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Icelandia: The Hidden Continent Under the North Atlantic


There have been some shocking discoveries and postulations concerning the geographical nature of Iceland. This involves the position that Iceland may be more than an island, it could very well be a tiny surface part of a massive continent inside the Atlantic Ocean, the posited submerged continent has been christened “Icelandia”  this is a fitting name I must say, considering that it is so tired to the country of Iceland. Imagine if this position is true and what it could mean for our understanding of geography moving forward. Massive continents under the ocean, so fantastical, the stuff of science fiction movies; however in this situation science fiction is becoming reality. We are going to be exploring this Icelandia situation in this article, stay with us let us take a journey to Icelandia. 

Icelandia: The Hidden Continent 

Professor Gillian Foulger brought this exciting prospect to the knowledge of the public, she is a lecturer at the University of Durham in the United Kingdom. She excitedly stated that there appears to be an entire continent hidden under the sea, the North Atlantic to be precise, there is much research to be done to definitively confirm this but all research so far points to the truth of this position. This position is supported by many academics of great repute, geologists. This continent is believed the be massive, spanning at least ~600,000 km2 it could be almost double this size though depending on the consideration used in its mapping. 

If this postulation can be proved scientifically it would mean that Pangaea (the combination of all landmass on earth from over fifty million years ago, that is referred to as the supercontinent) is still partially intact. 

This position would harpoon a number of old scientific beliefs about the geographical makeup of our beloved planet, especially how islands are formed, continental crust, and oceanic crust. This would even affect our understanding of the geographical makeup of  Iceland. 

This position has the possibility of altering our understanding of how hydrocarbons and some minerals are formed. This theory is revolutionary in many respects, it would explain some things about the geographical nature of Iceland and answer long-standing questions about how the landmass came to be. This position makes everything correlate. If this is proven as stated by Professor Foulger the maps over several regions on the planet could very well change. The research is underway already and it would require massive amounts of funds; pounds in the millions and backing from strong and credible institutions. Research would have to be conducted at various locations. 

The import of this position and research is not just geographical but also political and legal because as we know the identity of a State/Country is greatly tied to its borders (geographical location) landmass, seabed, coastal areas, airspace, and these things could very well be affected by this research. Would Icelandia be considered as part of the territory of Iceland, if yes what political and legal consequences would come with that? If no what political issues would it dredge in the international community?