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Iceland’s Lighthouses: Must-See Spots


Vacations and sightseeing are great ways to enjoy your holiday and enjoy your free time. If you are a fan of lighthouses then you would know that Iceland is famous for them. Iceland is that location where every fan of lighthouses should visit at least once in their lifetime.

Iceland and its Lighthouses 

The history of Iceland is filled with unique and beautiful lighthouses rich in history and stories. You might not understand the importance of lighthouses until you are in a tempestuous wave in the sea looking for a sign that you are not lost, that though your life was in jeopardy you still have hope. Lighthouses are not only functional, they are symbolic, they represent several positive ideas and concepts that are tied to safety, assurance, confidence, stability, home, guidance, signal, and lots more. They are magnificent structures that have come to be of more value than their structural value but also of their symbolic value. These magnificent structures are scattered over Iceland and we are going to share with you the must-see spots of Iceland’s Lighthouses. 

These days, given technological advancement the functional use of lighthouses has dwindled because most vessels built in this age use highly advanced navigation systems, unlike the vessels that were used in the days that lighthouses were essential to nautical navigation. 

Iceland has over one hundred lighthouses that have served as beacons to sailors over the centuries, though they are not as functional as times past, they are worthy of being visited. 

In Iceland a lighthouse is called “viti” the English translation is “to know” this loosely means that by lighthouses sailors know where they are sailing to. 

Here are some of the lighthouses:

  • Reykjavík: Grótta Lighthouse: this lighthouse has its location as Seltjarnarnes, this location is a peninsula, small and beautiful, this lighthouse definitely deserves a visit that is why it is our first mention. It is rich in history as there has been one in this area since the late 1800s. The present structure was built in 1947 and still maintains its originality to this day. This area is also a reserve because it is very rich in birdlife, the lighthouse is glazed with walk paths and hiking trails that add to the attractiveness of this beautiful place. 
  • Akranes, West Iceland; Akranesviti: this lighthouse derives its name from a combination of the Icelandic word for lighthouse and the location of the lighthouse. The town of Akranes is small and populated with about seven thousand people, it is within a reasonable distance from Reykjavík, it is a town filled with industrious people. It has two lighthouses although one has been decommissioned. They are both being used for different purposes and contribute to the history of the town. One of the lighthouses was constructed in 1918 which makes it one of the oldest lighthouses built with concrete still standing in the whole of Iceland. 

Other worthy mentions include:

  • East Fjords; Dalatangaviti lighthouse. 
  • Reykjanes peninsula; Garðskagaviti lighthouse.
  • South Iceland; Dyrhólaeyjarviti lighthouse.