Mars Exploration Drones are Being Tested in Iceland


On the 18th of February 2021, if everyone goes properly as planned, NASA would have a very serious Rover that would leave earth and land on the planet Mars. This isn’t going to go there and poke around. Oh no. It is going there in search of ingenuity, habitability, making use of an acute experimental helicopter that’s powered by the sun which would demonstrate the possibility of traveling to another world entirely for the first time. One might be looking at the future of exploration on the red planet. 

On earth back here, other people are looking already way beyond ingenuity. There’s also the next generation of NASA funded Mars mission concepts. There’s the Rover Aerial Vehicle Exploration Network. This is also known as RAVEN. These are all about to get put through their paces using gauntlets like none other. The projects would pair an autonomous rover using drones that are specialized and they would get sent across thirty-two square mile lava fields in Iceland which would serve as test runs for the future in Mars. 

Some rovers go from planets to planets. These are honestly marvels from technology. If they mistakenly get stuck on the ground, they would evolve to the next step. They would also get used to doing more things than reconnaissance. There are drills and scoops. Typically they would get to a place where the Rover cannot go. They would also bring something back. Hamilton that’s a planetary scientist stated this. He is from the University of Arizona and he is a lead researcher on everything including Raven.

Hamilton has launched this drone in Iceland.

There is no mistaking the amount of impact these drones have had on science presently. During this prolific eruption of Hawai‘i’s Kīlauea volcano in the year 2018, the government has authorized a very large peaceful drone deployment in the history of Americans. This has been spearheaded by a long time advocate of drones known as Angie Diefenbach. He is a geologist at the United States Geological Survey Cascades from the Observatory of Volcanoes. These were usually used to film lava fountains up close. These could peacefully track the progression that slithers molten rock. These could also help people escape their apartments in the middle of the night. 

How do I feel about Exploring Mars and testing everything in Iceland? 

My own is that no one should hurt any Icelander. As they go through their tests in Iceland, I hope they do it all in places that the citizens of Iceland are unavailable. Apart from this, it is a fun thing to do. Like the creation of rovers that can go from one planet to another. The world keeps entering brand new ages of technology as time passes. That’s nice, awesome, and great for us humans generally. Like do you get how epic it is for humans to walk on Mars without fear of dying on the spot and everything? Soon we could fully start living there. Who knows.