Movies Filmed in Iceland


Several different movies have been acted in Iceland and they were not supposed to take place there. Only just some movies mentioned Iceland. Movies like The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and James Bond’s Another Day. 

List of Movies filmed in Iceland 

GOT (Game of Thrones)

Practically all seasons got shot all over Iceland. Things and places like those from North of the Wall were all filmed in Iceland. These scenes where we had the wildlings attaching villages were all shot in Iceland. 

Lots of the Hound and Arya scenes were shot in Iceland. Like that part where they went to Vale of Arryn and where Brienne and the hound kicked ass. These scenes fit filmed around and in Pingvellir national park. These are all southern parts of the coast of Iceland which are very close to the Mýrdalsjökull glacier and across the Lake Mývatn and the northeast Dimmuborgir part. 

The part where we have Jon Snow breaking his vow to Ygritte when they were in a cave was shot in Iceland. In caves near the lake Mývatn at Grjótagjá. You should know that it is not allowed to bathe inside this very warm cave hot spring. There’s also a waterfall which is pictured but it is not just done using CGI. 

Black Mirror 

Acted in the year 2017, places like Kjalarnes and Reykjavik were used. Like the winter landscapes available there through the peninsula feature available in the third episode of the fourth season of Black Mirror. 

This TV series is quite popular. It was filmed in Iceland. This episode is also known as crocodile. Iceland stands in for a bleak view looking at the future. This serves as one of the bleakest episodes of Black Mirror as stated by a lot of people. Iceland has very moody and dark landscapes which aid in the story. 

My feelings about Iceland and Movies Generally 

Well apart from knowing about these movies which got filmed in Iceland, I am just finding out that even our very own game of thrones was acted in several different parts of Iceland. Quite surprising is it not. But oh well, it all makes sense now. I thought Vikings would’ve been the second movie on this list. Well, I feel it needed to be there because several scenes look like they got shot in places that were very cold or icy. I probably might not have researched well enough. Or maybe Vikings is part of another long list of movies that got filmed in Iceland. Which other icy movies do I know? Well now that I think about it, these movies could have mostly been fully or completely made using computer-generated images. Nothing more nothing less. And I completely get these movie-making companies because these days everyone is out for the kinds of funds they would get. These movies that are filled with CGI get lots of funds because they move the market these days. It’s all good though.