Must-See Waterfalls of Iceland


All my Iceland lovers where are you guys? 

This piece is for you guys that love Iceland, love water, and love having fun. Today we’re going to be talking about Waterfalls you must see in Iceland. I trust you’re ready? Let’s do this. 

Let us learn about some of the rivers in Iceland that helps the waterfalls there look so beautiful they must be seen. 

List of Must-See Waterfalls of Iceland 


Kirkjufellsfoss can be found in the northern part of the Snæfellsnes peninsula close to western Iceland. 

This charming and small waterfall sits close to the beautiful Mount Kirkjufell close to Grundarfjörður around the Snæfellsnes peninsula. This is a scenic view for people like us that goes everywhere with our cameras. You get to capture the serenity of the water against the mountain which I’ll have to tell you looks a little bit too dramatic for a mountain. The best time you should experience this is under the sunlight in times like March(like these I’ll say) it looks great when ice and snow cover it in the middle of winter. This could even let you see it under the epic northern lights. 


Hraunfossar falls can be found at Borgarfjörður close to the western part of Iceland. The falls are wonderful. They are so stunning that you would want to build a cottage and live there for as long as you can. These falls are created by beautiful rivulets that flow at the edge of the lava field known as Hallmundarhraun and then it pours out into the Hvita glacier river. Make sure you don’t confuse this with another river that has this exact name that gives the Gullfoss waterfall food. It is a serene and peaceful waterfall. This is considered as one of the water falls that is must-see and it is spectacular, to be honest. 

It has a very convenient location. It sits close to Barnafoss. This is another waterfall that is too dramatic to simply be a waterfall. 


This can be found inside the Brúará river, around the southwestern part of Iceland.

This epic series of little cute adorable waterfalls can be found on the Brúará River. Found in the southwestern part of. Iceland, around the Grímsnes area. There’s little to nothing considered and known here. Watching Brúarfoss falling with speed and looking at its beautiful color and how it moves with haste into its deep gorge makes all of this a serene stunning scene. It is a great spot for all the photo lovers out there you know.

So when we finally get to go to Iceland (cause there’s no way I can have all these details and miss out on all these stunning epic waterfalls) we know the waterfalls we are going to visit. The waterfalls that we would snap a million photos at. By the side of our loved ones. To show the world “Yeah we’ve gone places and we are seeing the wonders of what places like Iceland has to offer”