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Vitamin D Deficiency in Icelandic Adults


Every group of nutrients has its unique benefit to the human body, food is not eaten for just its taste, we eat food for the nutritional benefits it has because these nutrients are essential to us for our survival. They are what is most beneficial in the meals we eat; Vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, fat, and other nutrients. Deficiency in one of these nutrients would be detrimental to the body, researchers have dedicated decades to know more about the nutrients needed by the human body and their specific uses to us, their sources as well as how their lack affects the body. Vitamin D is one of such nutrients and it is going to be our focus in this article. 

Vitamin D Deficiency in Icelandic Adults 

The benefits of vitamin D are innumerable, they include increasing and maintaining bone health, immune system boosting, muscle function maintenance, reducing blood pressure, boosting sports and physical performance, reducing a person’s risk of getting diabetes. 

The uniqueness of vitamin D cannot be overstated, it is one of those special nutrients that has its primary source, not in food but the Sun, this is why many refer to it as the vitamin of sunshine. The primary way to get this vitamin is by being exposed to sunlight. This makes the acquisition of vitamin D by people in winter-dominated regions hard and a lot of people in those regions suffer from vitamin D Deficiency, one of such regions is Iceland. Several studies have been conducted regarding this topic and it is apt to talk about such a vital health topic to Icelandic Adults. 

The research revealed that residents of regions and countries further into the North of the continent of Europe are at a higher risk of getting vitamin D deficiency. 

Even within Iceland, there is no uniform deficiency as there are discrepancies in the rate of deficiency even within the same region. 

 Iceland seems to have a vitamin D deficiency rate of five to ten percent of its population, these figures might seem low in circumspect with other countries but it is not a good sign for around ten percent of the population of a country to have vitamin D deficiency. 

No matter your health status or fitness level vitamin D is very important to your health and wellbeing, its benefits to continuous health and wellness are astronomical. They include:

The metabolizing of phosphorus and calcium is boosted by Vitamin D. 

The strengthening of the immune system is always an advantage no matter how fit you are. Your immune system is your natural defense against diseases and illness so boosting it is vital. 

Relief of pain in your muscles and joints, it has been discovered that having high levels of vitamin D in your system can help reduce pain in your joints and muscles. Although this is not supposed to replace the medication for problems with your joints and muscles, but natural pain in these regions can be greatly reduced by having an abundance of vitamin D in your system.