Volcano Erupts in Reykjavik, Iceland


Did you hear that a Volcano Has Erupted in Reykjavik, Iceland? It erupted in the southwestern part of Reykjavik. 

The fissure is about five hundred to seven thundered meters long from Fagradalsfjall that can be found on Reykjanes peninsula. The previous eruption there was about eight hundred years ago. 

We are recording more than forty thousand earthquakes in about three weeks.

In the year 2010, the eruption of another volcano that could be found at  Eyjafjallajokull took the air’s traffic to remain in Europe. 

The Fagradalsfjall eruption was not expected to bring out this much ash. Aviation shouldn’t suffer this high amount of disruption.  

This brand new Icelandic volcanic eruption could have an impact that would affect the entire world. The meteorological office in Iceland stated that the eruption started around eight forty-five pm on Friday. Satellite images and webcams later confirmed it.

A helicopter was sent to look at the entire area. I was looking at these for about nineteen miles from Reykjavik. 

It sent some images of lava snaking its way down after the eruption occurred. 

You could see flowing red skies. This was stated by someone who lived about five miles from the eruption. 

Everyone there was getting into their vehicles to go and check it out. It was something. 

What are the possible effects of this Volcanic Eruption on the world 

Well, it depends on the size of the volcanic eruption. How big is it? What has it touched? What has it not touched? Which parts of Reykjavik have been affected? Does it disrupt the general flow of resources all around Iceland, or is it just a simple volcanic eruption?

Let me break these points down a bit.

How big is this eruption?

Well, from the photos obtained from satellite images and the mobile devices of people that live around the eruption, it looked pretty significant. And apart from that, when you are in a place that the skies are red because of an eruption, what does that tell you? That means the eruption was so large even the skies felt the impact.

What has it touched?

It has affected the surrounding ground and earth. People can’t live close to this Volcanic Eruption anymore. So that place would just be left and could be dug in the future to find probably gold or diamonds.

Does it affect the resources around?

Of course. A volcanic eruption affects practically everything and anything it touches. All the natural resources close to it like water, earth, minerals under the rock, and the sky’s clear air have been affected. All the people that live in this part of town now have to find new places to live because this place is not safe anymore. 

My thoughts on the eruption 

I love watching volcanic eruptions on TV. But I don’t like being one of the people that live in a place where an eruption occurred. You get. It is not safe in such places at all. I hope the inhabitants stay safe.