What is Diamond Beach, Iceland?


Welcome to this wonderful coal-black beach, which shines with beautiful icebergs there. It gets its name from the icebergs that lie around the volcanic dark sands, which shine like lovely diamonds in the rough. Diamond Beach in Iceland is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. You can’t take an ugly photograph here.

What was the Formation Process of Diamond Beach?

The sand found at Diamond Beach comes from the dark volcanic rock which wears and flows down by the ocean and glacier rivers over centuries. These waves break up and they make lava fragments dissolve into the beautiful black sand, giving us our beautiful sand beach.

Why Do Diamond Beach’s Icebergs Have Different Colors?

The color an iceberg gets is defined by how old the ice is and the pressure of compression. At Diamond Beach, there are three different colors of icebergs. We’ve got blue, white/clear, and green icebergs. Some icebergs have grey/black strips that run through them.

Translucent or white icebergs are made when bubbles are created within the ice. As the snow begins compression, the bubbles show all wavelengths of light, this makes the ice look white.

Green or blue icebergs are created when the iceberg forms under the ocean and air bubbles get trapped in between. Denser ice gets a red and yellow light, but it shows green and blue light. This is why it gives them their wonderful color.

Icebergs with gray or black streaks running within them are a direct result of the volcanic past of Iceland. These icebergs were created during a volcanic eruption. It trapped some ash inside the pressurized snow.

When is the Best Time You Should Visit the Diamond Beach?

We can assure you that the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon never freezes over, which means that at any time of the year, you can visit Diamond Beach. But there is a slight difference in the weather from winter and summer.

The Weather in Summer

One of the merits of visiting in summer is because there is an ease of comfort and access while you are on the beach. The roads in Iceland are not as challenging in the summer; this lets visitors pack more things to do while they visit. You would be warmer while you spend time on the beach ,and you would enjoy spending your time there as a result of the sunlight.

The only disadvantage is that during the summer the iceberg melts a little bit quicker. But summer in Iceland isn’t that hot. The difference is not one you should bother yourself about.

The Weather in Winter

The disadvantages of spending a break in Diamond Beach in winter include an important need to spend more time in winter, because the road is quite challenging during winter than in summer. There isn’t as much daylight as you’ll get in summer, but this could be a chance to enjoy the beautiful colors of the northern lights as they shine on the icebergs.