What is the Most Beautiful Place in Iceland?


Iceland has now become one of the hottest places to visit in Europe because of its unique and awesome landscapes. Its powerful waterfalls, temperamental volcanoes, huge glaciers, and many more, make Iceland pure paradise. In this article, we will talk about a few of the most beautiful places in Iceland you can visit.

Gullfoss Waterfall

Iceland often experiences rainy weather, making it suitable for waterfalls. Gullfoss has made its way into our list as it is beautiful and accessible. Gullfoss means Golden Falls, and it can be found on Iceland’s most popular destination – The Golden Circle. There are two separate waterfalls here and the taller one has about 11 meters drop, while the falls below have 21 meters drop.

National Park (Thingvellir)

This is another lovely place that you can visit with your loved ones. It has an undeniable beauty with acres of Icelandic countryside that are untamed and also a huge lake clear as crystal with different fish species that cannot be found anywhere else.


The third best place to visit in Iceland is Geysir. The hot spring is its major attraction. Unfortunately, it is no longer active, but thanks to Strokkur which still ejects hot water obligingly every 10 minutes for as high as about 30 meters. When it is winter, you may freeze while standing there. Here is an amazing place to visit with family and loved ones.

Blue Lagoon

Here is undeniably a man-made attraction center, but we can arguably say that you cannot find another place like this on this planet. There are a lot of reasons why this place made our list of the best places in Iceland. First, its geothermal spa, which has thick mist, swirling over blue milky water. Its beauty is surreal. Do not hesitate to check this place out with your family.


Remember, we made mention that the amazing volcanoes made Iceland so popular, and Askja is where you can catch sight of this wonder of creation. It has lunar-like and remote landscapes and it was the training ground of the US astronauts who got to the moon around 1969. If you ever get the chance to visit this place, do not forget to dip yourself in the fascinating turquoise geothermal milky lake.


A lot of visitors do not usually get up to the Westfjords in Iceland, because it is among the most remote parts of the whole of Europe. But we can tell you that the people who have taken the bold step to visit this place never went back disappointed. Here, there are craggy dark mountains, big puffin colonies, untouched wild landscapes, blue fjords as clear as crystal, and spectacular gorgeous roads. All these make Westfjords have beautiful scenery. You should bear it at the back of your mind that you will not find many people there and ensure that your trip is well planned before you head for this amazing place.

If you are planning to have a lovely time in Iceland with your family, you have not made a bad decision. You will enjoy the few moments you spend there as if it were some month.