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The people experience in Iceland is somehow different from other places that you can go for summer vacation. Some individuals can even say that it’s like being in another universe. And even if it can be as true as it can be, it is sure that Iceland is very unique in its landscape.

Iceland is one of those places where different features of the land are seen like lava fields that are covered in moss in beautiful fishing communities and beaches with amazing volcanic sand. The different areas of Iceland have unique features like the westfjord has narrow fjords that are carved, eastfjord has beautiful animals like reindeers and the Iceland horse that is found in the north coast and many more animals there in Iceland, the south coast has volcanoes and nice icecaps. 

Iceland cannot be explored in a day, there is a lot to see in Iceland especially when the seasons are just right. The season in Iceland is just two which are winter and summer and these seasons can give you a different experience in both those seasons this is because of the different activities that go on in those seasons and some breathtaking views that only appear in a particular season. But as the summer is approaching is best to say the best sites in the summer season and the activities that can be done in that period.

There are some interesting facts about the summer season in Iceland, like the summer season is when the puffin flock appears in Iceland making Iceland the largest puffin colony in the whole of Europe. Also, the summertime makes the perfect condition for road trips like the infamous ring road route. It is also time for hot springs to show up, a perfect place for one to bathe and relax. Another amazing thing about summer in Iceland is that the sun doesn’t set completely in the night thereby giving you more time to explore the outdoors. The sun Ray in Iceland is extremely high and the temperature there is at the level of tropical and subtropical areas, the perfect temperature for the summer, so get ready to use your sunglasses and sunscreen. And in Reykjavik and most of the communities in Iceland have their summer festival every year. There is still a chance that rain may still fall in the summer season so it’s best to pack an umbrella or waterproof cloth just in case. 

One of the questions you may be asking is what can you wear in Iceland in the summertime. If you have plans on hiking during your period in Iceland, you will be packing something quite different from someone that is planning on swimming throughout. But there are some normal things you should bring like shorts, T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts and pants, sweaters both the thick and thin kinds, sunglasses, swimsuits, sunscreen, beach hat, hiking boots, and so on.

There are a lot of activities that you can do in the summertime in Iceland like road trips, hiking, visiting a glacier, swimming in a hot spring or a swimming pool, enjoying delicious Icelandic food, going to a festival, and enjoying every bit of your summer.