Where Can I Buy Icelandic Yogurt (and what is it?)


Yeah, we all know Icelandic Yogurt, otherwise known as Icelandic-style Skyr, has given everyone a headache. I’ll be giving a small explanation of this yogurt and where you can buy it. Let’s go.

What is Icelandic-style Skyr?

Let’s start with what it is actually. This Skyr is the traditional Iceland yogurt that has been made for over a thousand years. It is strained free from fat. It is created by making use of skimmed kill. The water found in milk naturally is pulled away to make for concentrated, creamier, and thicker yogurt. This takes up about four times the amount of milk to make for a pot of Siggi when you compare this to raw yogurt. 


Is this product Sold in Iceland 

This Skyr or Iceland yogurt is made using an old Iceland recipe, which we all practice using the craft available in Iceland around New York. It is new for the year 2019. We have started making this lovely yogurt in several different cities. This allows these sweet milk yogurt available to clients in European markets and the United Kingdom.

Why does this Skyr have a lot of protein?

In this yogurt’s manufacturing process, we all begin by making a base that looks like standard yogurt. We then strain the whey, which is the milk water. We end up taking about seventy-five percent of that water out of the milk. This ends up meaning that about a cup of Skyr would require more than four times the amount of milk that is needed to make a standard simple yogurt pot. Because of this process, Skyr has two to three times the amount of regular protein yogurt has. 

What are the Necessary Specks Available in The Skyr?

These specks available in the products that have vanilla are true specks that have the right vanilla seeds. 

Is sugar added to these products?

All forms of sugar available in these products are entirely natural, and they are kept to a minimum. These products are sweetened a little bit using some sugar or agave syrup. We also have some sugar, which comes naturally from the fruits that are added. Artificial sweeteners aren’t counted. These flavored yogurts contain thirty percent less sugar than the average yogurts meant for adults available in countries or nations like the United Kingdom.

Can the packs get recycled?

These aluminum packs can be recycled quickly and simply. These pots are created using PS plastic. You could also help yourselves to check out if they could get recycled locally. A comfortable label that can be used to tear off is available. This would, with ease, help you separate the card that’s stuck on the pot. 

So there we have it, now you know all about the constituents of the Icelandic Yogurt. You know it’s named, where you can buy it, the ingredients, why it has so much protein, if sugar is added to the products and if the packs can get recycled after usage. Have fun when you consume these products and catch you later.