Where to See Dogsledding in Iceland


Iceland is one place that is on the bucket list of over half of the world’s population. Have you tried dogsledding in Iceland? There is a great chance that you wanted to do it over and over again. Including dogsledding in Iceland, there are many things and places that can be seen. 

See a Sheepdog and More

You can visit the Elephant Rock that was created by the residue of a volcano in the past. It won’t be a bad idea to see animals that are part of the Icelandic wildlife like the Arctic fox, puffin, horses, and so on. 

You can also see the Icelandic sheepdog, a rare species that is one breed that came to live in this place during the time that Vikings started to live there in 870 AD. This species has been around for a long time and is part of the history of this country. It has great importance to the agricultural development of this nation.

Not minding all its qualities, this sheepdog does not have the popularity it deserves. This may have occurred because other nations have their own sheepdog.

A lot of dog lovers are of the opinion that a breed of the sheepdog is a brand new one, an animal that offers people the incredible joy that they could ever wish for.

For someone that loves dogsledding in Iceland, you will come across this breed of a sheepdog. This breed has gone on to mesmerize everyone, both inhabitants of this country and visitors too. They are known to look more like wolves than ordinary dogs.

A Booming Industry

It is no news that dogsledding is a booming industry in Iceland. It is not surprising, because Iceland has a lot of Arctic landscapes and can offer someone the needed Arctic experience that he or she craves for.

This breed of the sheepdog is domesticated to a large extent, and who wouldn’t fancy this orange and innocuous coat. It could also be because they look like the Welsh Corgi.

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There are a number of places that many people see as the right places to go dog sledding but some do not feel that Iceland is one of them.

Some may feel that this country doesn’t have any great history of dogsledding. Some may feel that the terrains of this country may not give one what he or she needs to a large extent when dogsledding is concerned. This is not true to a large extent. There are a lot of white plains in existence like the Eyjafjallaj√∂kull glacier. You can even take a dogsledding tour in Iceland!

What do you think of dogsledding in Iceland now?