Why is Vitamin D called the Sunshine Vitamin, and Why Do You Need It when living in Iceland?


A lot of reports have come out showing that Sunshine is one of the best sources of Vitamin D. Vitamin is one of the best and most important Vitamins for the growth of the body. After exposure to the sun, Vitamin D is created on your skin and it gives you the best skin feeling you can ever get.

Iceland is a country that is mostly dominated by cold temperatures. When the winter season is up, there will always be a deficiency in this Vitamin D. In Iceland, Vitamin D is the most sought after Vitamin due to the nature of their weather.

Vitamin D is called the Sunshine vitamin for several reasons but the most important one is that the vitamin is made in the skin after being exposed to sunlight. In places like Vitamin because of the low ability of sunlight, people are mostly advised to take extra supplements for Vitamin D.

If you live in Iceland, you are more likely to receive low amounts of Vitamin D. So, what should you do? This is very simple. Pay more attention to your other sources of Vitamin D. Since there will be fewer amounts of Vitamin D, you are advised to try other sources like supplements and oils from Mackerel, tuna, and Sardines.

Vitamin D does not only improve the state of the skin. It also improves overall bone health. When there is a bone deficiency, it is usually caused by a lack of Vitamin D in your body. Several diseases like lung disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and Crohn’s disease are all caused by a lack of vitamin D.

Vitamin D is a very important Vitamin to have in the body. That is why you need to be serious about your Vitamin D intake.  However, you must note that too much Vitamin D intake could pose a large threat to your system. If you take in too many, you may be at risk of potential skin cancer. Health professionals have advised that you must not take more than 4000 IU of vitamin D in a day. IF you do, you may be exposed to severe side effects that may occur.

If you are living in Iceland, then 4000 IU of Vitamin D is enough for your daily intake. You also pose a risk of kidney disease when vitamin D intake is too much in your body.

Because of the weather in Iceland, enough Vitamin D is the best thing you can do for yourself. So, getting these right dose of Vitamin D will be the perfect option for you.

Final Words.

Getting enough dose of Vitamin D is essential for daily healthy living. If you want to be the best, you must ensure that getting Vitamin D intake is paramount. If you live in a place like Iceland, then you should always add Vitamin D to your daily intake and watch how your body becomes the best.